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Monday, November 28, 2011

Quilt Beginnings

We are in the process of setting up a new computer; I don't have access to my pictures yet, so this is a repost

It seems, had I been born in the winter, I would have been born under a quilt in frames hanging from the ceiling. That's how quilting memories began for me. Mama's frames were four simple wooden strips, held together at the corners with nails and hung from the ceiling with cords. As she progressed with the stitching, the nails were taken out of the holes in the corners, the strips rolled, and the nails replaced. At night, when we were all inside the small room, the cords were wrapped around the ends of the strips and the quilt was raised high enough for us to walk under. If time permitted, the quilt was let down the next day and stitching started again. My aunt came on some days, and her little boy and I played under the quilt while they stitched; the room was so small there wasn't anywhere else to play. I'm sure we caused many a finger to be stuck with the needle when we stood up and shook the quilt.
Mama started quilting at an early age. I have a postcard on which she wrote, when she was a teen, "I have quilted three quilts this winter." Off and on, as I grew up, she pieced tops, but it wasn't until she retired from her "town" job that quilting really became a passion of hers. She made one quilt after another, and soon began selling them. Some went to states far away. When her heart began giving her trouble, and the doctor told her not to do anything, she gave up quilting the tops; however, the morning after she passed away, we found a little basket of blocks she had been working on, at the end of the couch.

So, it's no wonder that I took up quilting. I don't claim to be a wonderful quilter; I see all my mistakes. I especially enjoy making scrap and string quilts because of the great color variations. I make all sizes: bed quilts, baby quilts, and doll quilts.

The picture is my second attempt at making a doll quilt which I gave to my granddaughter, Lily. I will post about others in coming days.

Have a good day! Charlotte


  1. Charlotte you quilt beautifully - I seen them up close :) lovely quilt you gave Lily. I have heard of many other people growing up under a quilt while others were quilting.

  2. As beautifully as you quilt, you must have been under your mother's frames soaking up quilting savvy at an early age. Your mother would be proud!

  3. What you do is like painting with fabric. The beautiful colors, the intricate patterns, the artistic expression -- your quilts are fine art that I never tire of seeing!

  4. Lovely memories of the first quilting you were around. I'm always in awe at the ingenuity that our parents (and their parents)used once upon time to make the necessities and a more comfortable life. I wish I could quilt like you. I admire your patience and talent. God has blessed you well. Lily is adorable. She's a lucky little lady to have such a special grandma to make her lovely doll quilts. Sweet! :)

  5. You remind me of my mother. She was always quilting and I did not take after her with this skill.
    You are so talented and your quilts are beautiful.
    Have a good day :)

  6. Beautiful picture- and I loved your story.
    By the way- I ordered some fabric from Connecting Threads for the first time- it was like Christmas had come early when the box arrived!
    Thanks to you their web site has overtaken my life.... *giggle*

  7. What special memories you have of your mother quilting. It is no surprise that you are such a talented quilter.

  8. You did a great job on the little quilt. We know who you took your quilting after, I never knew of people raising the quilting frames to the ceiling when not in use. I have a container of cut out quilted pieces that my mother in law had been working on when she passed away. I had plans on sewing together a block a week, but after one block I haven't went back to the container. That was a few years ago, I really need to take the time to finish that quilt.

  9. I just love your story about your Mother and quilting............so heart touching. Just look at Lily, she is so happy to get that pretty little quilt. You did a wonderful job! blessings,Kathleen

  10. Cute picture, lovely quilt! I really enjoyed reading your story (as always) and you painted such a clear picture of this part of your childhood.