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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fixing a Place for the Calves to Eat

Yesterday morning we got out early to get some farm work done before the 110* temps we had later in the day.  We've been feeding grain to the cattle in the corral now for quite some time, but the calves were crowded out by the larger cows, so we worked on setting up a space just for the calves.

We have a post driver attachment for the BobCat, otherwise it would have been impossible to set the posts in the hard, dry dirt.  Popa put me on the BobCat to drive while he measured distances for the posts and held them in place for me to drive up to them.  Of course there were those "hand signals" !  I don't mind helping, just always aware that farm accidents can happen so quickly.

With the posts all set, two Little Creepers were put inside and panels brought to enclose the area.

Since we were working close to the corral, the cows heard us and came, thinking they might get fed.  The last part of the pen, a wooden entrance, with spaces only big enough for the calves to go through, was put in place.

Now the feeding pen is finished and Popa put feed in the creepers.  It will take a while for the calves to start going inside, but as curious as they are, one day a calf will go in and eat and others will follow.  This should help them grow; most of them have never had much green grass because the pastures are dried up for lack of rain.



  1. Very clever about the wooden "gate." It's getting to be something of a struggle to keep all the different groups fed, isn't it? I never thought about how much we take grass for granted.

  2. A lot of work and I bet you are glad to have it all done!

  3. I know you all are having it much worse..I'm praying for rain for you..

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  5. Great job on the calf cafe. You & Popa are so creative.

    I keep praying for you all to get rain. The drought is so awful.
    Bless your hearts.

  6. good idea for the calves. I think your temperatures are a little hotter than we are getting here up on the ridge. the most I have seen is 104 but down in the town it gets hotter.

  7. You are such a trooper Charlotte. I remember when we lived upstate NY, some of the really awful accidents that happened on the farms. You're very wise to be careful.
    Praying with you dear friend, that the drought will end soon. In the meantime I'm glad your calves and cows are being so well taken care of.

  8. Great idea and good job. I bet that ground is hard. It almost looks like cement down here and we got a few showers. Still burn ban in Pope too.

  9. Oh, that is so neat, Charlotte. It reminds me of when we fixed a little creep feeder for our lambs... the bigger ones were so mad when they were too fat to fit through the little spaces anymore... *giggle*
    Those Bobcats are pretty handy, aren't they? James would love to have one of those to use around here.