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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Clothes for Isabelle

Isabelle has new clothes for vacation Bible school.  Did you ever attend a vacation Bible school?  I did, when I was a young teenager.  As a girl brought up in a home where we were in church every time the doors were opened, I think I knew most of the Bible stories, so I enjoyed the games we played: red rover, red rover, let Charlotte come over, and I would run and try to break through the line of children on the other team; any, any over, and someone threw a ball over the building to the other team.  And it was at Bible school where I developed a crush on a certain tall, good-looking boy who showed no interest in me whatsoever.  I carried that crush with me for most of the rest of my high school years, watching as he started dating my very best friend and then marrying her when she graduated.  I look back on it all now and think how similar this storyline was to Scarlet and Ashley. lol.  But this is suppose to be about clothes I've made for Isabelle:

pants and top, twirly skirt and top

simple sundresses,

fashionable jeans and top for playing red rover, red rover,

enough for one week of activities.   So much fun!  Now all she needs is a pair of sandals.
Hope you like them. Charlotte

Pattern credits:  pants and top, Simplicity A2086
Twirly skirt, www,polkadotchair.com, page 23 of My Tutorials
Green sundress, www.BlissfulSewing.blogspot.com
Jeans, from an old pair of my jeans with three snips, washed and dried with other jeans.


  1. Oh my
    wish you could sew for me :)
    There was a time this one was in church every time the doors opened.
    Now just stay in prayer and on my knees continually here by the woods..

  2. You have been quite busy with the sewing machine. I love the dolls new clothes. You are quite the seamstress! So happy that you have Isabelle.

  3. Charlotte ~ you are amazing! Those clothes are beautiful. Isabelle reminds me so much of Anna - my great nephew, Owen, who is 10 insisted that Anna get dressed up to go to his dad's wedding last year! And, she did; looking lovely. Owen is living with autism, but his personality cracks me up; he's so precious. Thank you for giving me this memory!


  4. Wow, you've been busy ..I love her clothes and your memories are so similar to mine. i went to every Bible School around and had to walk most of the time unless someone came through hauling a whole truck load.. Brings back lots of memories.. Thanks for this post. hugs, xo

  5. Charlotte could walk the runway in her fashionable wardrobe! I loved vacation bible school. I attended every summer..............stories and crafts were so interesting. I think that's where I got the creative bug. I made a Noah's Ark from popsicle sticks & still remember it.

  6. ADORABLE!!!
    I'm so glad you are having fun with your doll.
    Yes I went to VBS every year, and then when my kids went, I taught.
    Loved it!

  7. My Granddaughter, Grace, would just love those clothes, Charlotte. She has an American Girl doll that she adores. I knitted a few things for her doll this past winter, but, alas, sewing is not my strong suit.
    I remember VBS too. I even taught when my own children were young. Fun times!

  8. She'll be the best dressed at VBS. All of the outfits are so cute. My church just finished VBS last week. Always fun for the kids.

  9. Those clothes are lovely, Charlotte~ I especially love the red twirly skirt!!! I also remember Bible school... I even still have a little crochet cross bookmark I made one year! :) I've missed you... I can't wait to look back through your blog and see what you've been up to lately. ((HUGS))

  10. Charlotte, these clothes are so cute! You did a wonderful job with these. Yes, I attended Vacation Bible School and so did my sons. Fun memories. :)

  11. I agree with Mary, "She will be the best dressed girl at VBS." Quite a wardrobe...and all so cute!

  12. My, isn't Isabelle fashionable! So cute and adorable. I look forward to her next adventure. Love the yellow top with capri pants. I've got to get me an outfit like that! I grew up military and we traveled a lot. I was only able to attend bible school 1 time, but really enjoyed it.

  13. Hi! Those sure are cute clothes you are sewing for Isabelle! Wouldn't mind haven't some of those in my size! Enjoy your 4th! Nancy

  14. Love your memory of church time growing up. So sweet. Your doll clothes are wonderful! Can I ask you..........how do you know what size clothing to make for a doll. Is there a way to measure the doll to know?

    1. Kathleen, there are several good websites for teaching one how to measure a doll for her clothing. Try finding them by using Google; and also there are lots of free patterns!. Do you have a doll to sew for? If so, I know you'll make something wonderful for her!

  15. Love hearing about your church days! What sweet memories! Love your pretty doll clothes!

  16. Your Isabelle will have fun in these wonderful playsets at VBS.
    Well done Mama Charlotte. :)

  17. Thanks to all for your wonderful comments! This was so much fun it was hard for me to put the machine away; in fact, I'm still looking for new patterns!

  18. Those clothes are adorable! I remember going to vacation Bible School when I was young and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I never got a crush on anyone, though. That also sounds like fun.

  19. I love the fabrics you chose. Simply adorable!