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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


 If you are a dog lover, this post may anger you ~ be warned...I've given much thought to the subject before writing.

This is the farmer's little dog, a drop-off who was accompanied by a dog-child, and who gave birth to seven puppies soon after making her home here.  Two of those pups are still here, much to my dismay.  For you see, I don't like dogs, and for good reason.

I remember Daddy's hunting dogs and how valuable they were to him: black and tan breeds.  One small dog I was very fond of as a teenager, was Little Fido, also a drop-off, and who was bit one night by some animal and had to be killed.  Recently I found a note I had written, and at the bottom of the page was a blurred spot where a tear had fallen.

Our first dog as a married couple with children was a bird dog, Goliath, then came others.  Ginger was a favorite with the little girls and they saw her hit by the school bus one morning.  Then there was Bo, who sniffed everyone who came to visit; Stanley, a companion for middle daughter, and others who I don't remember too well.

The last dog we had that I liked was Annie, a reddish retriever, another drop-off, who stayed under the culvert at the drive-way until she realized we wouldn't hurt her. 

Now come the reasons I don't like dogs: 1) they've killed many of my cats over the years 2) they bark at night, dig in the flower beds, chase cars, jump up on visitors, and the little rascal at the top of the page will bite if she takes a notion to do so. And, number 3) the most serious reason, they can become vicious enough to kill cattle.

I won't show the pictures of the cattle after being attacked; it surely must be an awful thing to be chased until the cow or calf falls and then the dogs start chewing and biting them.  Maybe you will recall that I was feeding a small calf with a bottle and how well she was doing.  When she was about three months old, two big dogs got her down at the barn and tore her up badly; she lived a week and then died.

This winter we had at least one cow hurt so badly by a pack of dogs that she had to be put down.  Shortly thereafter, they were in the process of taking another one down when we got a phone call and the farmer got there in time to save her. 

This afternoon, the neighbor's dogs killed a young heifer, right here behind the house! 

In all this, we have learned that laws favor the owner of the livestock, and they have the rights to destroy the dogs.  But getting a chance to do that isn't easy; they're very crafty.  In all these cases, the main breed of dog involved was pit bull.

I realize there are many people who love their dogs and act responsible  with them.  I hope I haven't angered anyone with this rant, but I HATE dogs!  I'll try to be more pleasant next post.



  1. So sorry that you have had so many bad experiences with dogs. So sad too that people abandon dogs; and they end up on your property. No need to apologize for your post. I understand your feelings.

  2. Not to worry, Charlotte, you've certainly not angered me this morning. I'm not exactly a dog lover myself, and I know if a few blog friends see this comment, I'll be off their list. And, if it takes place, then they weren't friends to begin with.

    My daughter has a schnauzer, and he's no problem at all. However, back long ago, a neighbor's bird dog (who was starving after have two litters one after the other) and not being fed well, somehow got out of the fence, attacked my mom and nearly took off her entire leg. It was horrendous to say the least.

    Monday of this week, the 8 month old baby across the street was attacked by the "pet" pit, and had to have so many stitches inside and outside of her head the doctors lost count. Thankfully, she survived! So, no I get you.


  3. Meant "so, yes I get you".

  4. I'm so sorry you have had so much trouble with dogs. I like dogs when they are kept as pets inside and trained properly. Those that are vicious or are left to run wild are another matter. The breed of dog makes a difference too. It must be quite awful for the cows that are run down and attacked by wild dogs.

  5. Dogs can be troublesome....when I walk with Cappy, she is always on a leash. I live out in the country, but she has never been allowed to roam freely or leave our property. We only walk toward the creek, which is the most picturesque, and I sometimes let her off the leash, but she stays close to me. We never go the other direction on our road, because the dogs we encounter are so aggressive I fear one of us will be bitten! It really makes me angry. You are right, some people are very responsible with their dogs, but many are not!

  6. I'm so sorry Charlotte and I know where you're coming from. You've got plenty of reasons not to like dogs. I think people should be more responsible with their dogs. I'm so sorry you've had to go through this.

  7. Charlotte, I'm not a dog person myself, and when they are vicious like you described, it would not hurt me one bit to see them killed. Makes me feel sad, though, all the drop-offs people get out in the country, and those dogs are usually carrying around emotional baggage from how they had to live before they were dumped by their owner. It's kinder to kill a dog than to drop it off into an area where everything is different, not caring whether they starve, or are killed by a wild animal.

    I won't have another dog. Our dog thought he needed to be in the house with us and he smelled bad, even the day after a bath! He'd go outside and eat things he wasn't supposed to and then come in and throw up on the carpet.

    All that said, I won't have another cat, either. Tired of paying vet bills, having something underfoot when a fall would be dangerous for me, and oh, the shedding!! I kinda miss the good parts about having a cat, but not enough to want to adopt another. Call me, "Petless In Oklahoma". Heh. Hugs xoxoxo

  8. I agree with you 100%! Pet owners should be responsible - but they are not. It's always someone elses fault! I do like dogs and cats, but do not have any, especially any inside the house for all the mess, smell and trouble. I, too, have seen what they can do to cattle. So sorry for your troubles, but know that we understand how you feel but don't know how to fix the problem.

  9. What a trip down memory lane with all the dog names - all those dogs were good dogs, and I'm glad we had them. But even good dogs can be really annoying. I told you about the chick that "someone" (I suspect Fiona) killed, and this morning I discovered that "someone" (I suspect Finnegan) had pulled up the brand-new lemongrass plant I had set out in a pot just two days ago. The chick couldn't be helped, but I found the lemongrass and stuck it in some water in hopes it will grow new roots. Grrrrr......