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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mystery Flower

In early summer, I planted a packet of flower seeds of garden favorites.  The print on the packet was so small I couldn't make out the contents.  Much to my surprise, it seemed every seed came up.  One plant in particular grew tall, about four feet, in fact, and finally has put out its flower.  I have no idea what it is.  Maybe someone could help me identify it? 

I'll wait a few days to see if anyone knows what it is, then it's coming out, for two reasons: 1) the first being, how dreadful it would be if it is an invasive plant, to have its seeds spread all over the vegetable garden!  It really resembles a gross weed we have in the cattle lot and pastures.  2) I grow flowers for their blooms, not for big leaves and thick stems.   The pictures make these blooms look larger than they actually are.

So ~ let me know what you think....



  1. Hello, ...........could it be a cock's comb? It looks similar to that.......but larger. By the way....thank you for the comment on my "chair" post......but somehow it got deleted because when I went to look over the blog........blogger posted the same post 4 times. So as I was deleting the extras the one with your sweet comment was deleted. So sorry.......just wanted you to know that I did read it and I was not being rude to have erased it. LOL

  2. Also meant to say..........I would LOVE for you to be close enough to visit and yes........I would teach you embroidery stitches......but looking at your wonderful work......you could teach me!

  3. Wow! That is a big one. Sorry I can't help you out. I have never seen one like it before. But, I am like you. I would rather the bloom be bigger than the leaves :o)

  4. Gee, I wish I could help, but I have no idea what that is!
    Hope you and the farmer are having a great summer!

  5. Goodness, Charlotte, don't think I've ever seen that before. I'll be interested also if someone can identify it for you. One time I thought to be so smart; my parents had gone on a trip and I decided to plant something next to the back utility door. Having no clue what would happen, by the time they got home, we couldn't open the door, that's how fast it grew. Mom said it was a "castor" plant. Guess I learned something on that! :)


  6. I don't remember ever seeing a flower like that..don't have a clue what it might be. If you find out, let us know.

  7. Sorry Charlotte I can't be of any help either. Never seen one like this but I don't blame you for removing it.

  8. I don't know what it is either-but now I want to know : ) Love your hollyhocks in the last post. Granny used to grow them, I think I should plant some next year.

  9. Oh, I know! I know! It's an Amaranth. Love Lies Bleeding, to be exact. Been trying to get that to grow here for several years, I think I finally have one going, but it's smaller than they're supposed to be.

    Amaranth seeds are edible. Chickens love them, too.

    Hugs, Ilene

  10. I have no idea what it is. Glad someone else could help you. The flowers in your header photo are absolutely beautiful!

  11. Spider Lilies, an elderly friend gave me some plants years
    ago, They come up every year and so many I pull up and throw in the woods :) Mine look just like yours, after blooming
    long seed pods form. If you do not then out next year
    you will have hundreds....

  12. I just googled for an image
    this flower did not come up
    but what I have always called it
    Spider Lilly.

  13. Hi, I just dropped back by to see what the flower is called......I see it might be a Spider Lily? It looks very pretty.....does it have a fragrance?