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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I Think This Apron Is Weird!

I've had this pattern for years upon years.  I don't remember ever using it, but it had been trimmed, yet it was in like-new condition.

I think one reason I'd never made an apron by the pattern was the fact that it took a lot of fabric and bias tape.  So after my daughter brought a bag of scraps to me last week, and some pieces were fairly large, I decided to try it, and made view B.  From the picture you can see how it is put together and that it has four ties.  I believe the ties for the back are brought around to the front and tied, making a knot on the belly. :)  Then the front ties are fastened in the back.  Weird?  It is a one-size pattern, but in my opinion, if a small person tried to wear it, she'd be swallowed up by it.

One day, as I searched Amazon for apron patterns, guess what I came upon...


Just take a look at the price!  My pattern cost fifty cents back in the days which have now become vintage!  Maybe a collector would want it that badly, but not me, especially after making this apron.  

Please don't tell me you think it's pretty...  :)



  1. Well, I'll agree it's certainly a curious style of apron. It'd be handy to protect your clothes from splatters while cutting corn off the cob.
    I think your sewing is pretty regardless of what you make.
    Now for that pattern price, oh my-my it's certainly way-too-high. I agree with you, I wouldn't pay that high of a price for it.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Just perfect for wearing with jeans! I'm with E.C. ~ Surely would protect your clothes from "splatters while cutting corn off the cob." (And, our sweet corn is getting mighty close...looks like another Happy Fourth around here!)

    You are mighty good with all that bias trim!

  3. Your sewing is beautiful. I think most all of the old patterns are kind of weird. The new simple pattern are so easy to make and fit better. Do you think so? Maybe it's the sizing now. I'll come back and check out the pattern on Amazon. I'm waiting for the water to boil to blanch beans for the freezer. :)

  4. Well--I think it's cute. I have one almost like it that my sister made for me--ties go in back then come around to tie over the tummy. I need a full wrap because when I bake, I am likely not only to wipe my floured hands on my thighs, but also on my back-side. HAH

  5. I suppose it would be ok in the winter, but right now before the 4th of July, it looks like it would make me too hot to be wrapped all around in another layer of fabric. Everything makes me too hot these days.
    I got a chuckle out of Judy's comment about needing a full wrap apron.

  6. An apron is to be functional not pretty! I'm like Judy, I tend to wipe my hands all over my apron! I made mine from an old pattern also. It long, wraps all the way around and ties in the back, although it's a little tighter these last few years! You did a lovely job on it. I'm not good with bias tape.

  7. It looks like a functional apron......it is weird! Crazy what will pay for something vintage. Sometimes I see things at flea markets with a big price tag, that I used to have and donated to a good cause. Should have held on to some of those items!

  8. I love it! It would completely cover a curch dress. Send it to me please :)

  9. it would be a dress on my 105 lbs. Fine as I seem to wipe my hands in front, hips - would keep me clean :)

  10. I think because there is a back on it -- that makes it seem unusual to me. There is a lot of fabric in it!

  11. I am always amazed at how high the cost of patterns can be today. It makes me wish I would have held on to some of the patterns I owned, used and then gave away. I notice they are "reproducing" a lot of the old patterns; but then again what once were less than a dollar can now go for $10 or more each. You did a great job with this apron!

  12. I don't think there is anything that you can't do, Charlotte! :)