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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Do you ever start a project and then change your mind about what you want to do with it?  This is what happened to these blocks.

I made several of these, with the intentions of making an Irish Chain quilt top, but when I laid them out to preview the results, I didn't like them used that way.  They were put away, because, although on a scale of 1 to 10 I am a 10 in the taking apart category, I had no desire to undo these blocks.  So later the full colored blocks were paired with appliqued blocks and turned into this baby quilt.  I did take apart a few blocks to use as borders around the appliqued blocks.

Now I have taken the other blocks and set them together with appliqued Overall Andy blocks for another baby quilt top.

The animal blocks were hand appliqued, but I decided to try my hand at machine applique.  I'm not the best at this; I'd give myself a grade of C or B- at the most.  Larger pieces would have been easier to learn on.  I compare the bottoms of the pants legs to jeans legs which are too long and mom says, "I don't want to cut them off and hem them up; just wear them off."  Now and then there's a stray thread at the turning point.

Whatever, it's a good feeling to know the orphaned blocks now have a good use.


(For Ernestine ~ The wind and rain were not kind to them)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Too Much of a Good Thing?

We have had LOTS of rain the last few days, but no bad storms in our area.  Heavy rains fell in the mountains north of us and the waters made their way down to farms below.  Our hay is ready to cut but there was other work that had to be done on the dry days we had.  The chicken houses needed to be cleaned out and new shavings and rice hulls put inside.  Then we put in new cables for some water lines, the hay work waited ~ and this happened:

The pictures were taken from the north, looking south.  The close waters are on my brother-in-law's farm and our field is at the far end; couldn't get any closer to ours.  The main creek runs along the edge of the high hills.

A few years back we had baled the hay on this field and hadn't hauled it; the field flooded, carrying the big round bales of hay down into the woods and setting some down on the higher spots in the field.  Most of the bales were lost, so we always try to haul out the bales and not take a chance of losing them if there is rain in the forecast.

The grass will be hard to cut since the rushing water bent it over and there will be dirt on the grass.  Poor cows ~ Also, there are usually tree trunks and branches and plastic trash left on the field that has to be mowed around, then picked up after the hay is baled.  In other words, a lot of aggravation mostly.

How can it be so dry in California and all these gallons of water rushing over the fields to the river, to the gulf, and finding their way to the ocean?  And remember my posts about the drought in 2012?  Such a mystery ~~~


Monday, May 4, 2015