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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Girls

I have three wonderful daughters, ages 50, 49, and 46.  These little crewel embroidered pictures say so much about them when they were small:

The oldest wanted to cook and I'm ashamed to admit it now, but I didn't encourage it at the time.

The middle daughter liked to sew.  Whenever they were playing with their dolls, she would rather make clothes for the dolls than mother them.

The baby girl -- well, what can I say?  She liked to play, but she pestered her sisters to death at times.  So we always told her she needed to pray.

The pictures were given to me as a kit, many, many years ago and have hung on the wall, reminding me of their different personalities and the fun they had growing up together.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Farm Update

Last summer I wrote about the serious drought we were in and some of the problems it caused on the farm.  We've had some rain, not in excess yet, but it has helped greatly.  For instance, remember the dry pond,

and all the muck that was cleaned out of it?

Well, this is how it looks now: very, very deep.  Situated in a draw between the hills, it has filled with run-off water.  Also, whenever it has rained enough to raise the water table, water seeps out of the ground and runs into the pond, from what must be a little spring.  

We continue to grind hay for the cattle and find that they waste less than when the hay is rolled out onto the ground or fed in a ring.  So far the hay supply is holding out and the cattle look good.

One more thing you might remember -- The Dog?  Well, he stayed until almost winter, then left as mysteriously as he came.  


Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Apron

Last year, Teddy and I had a different doll quilt for each month of the year.  My quilting is at a standstill right now; just can't seem to get into it, although I do have a big quilt in the frames.  This doesn't mean I've lost all interest in quilting, but taking a rest from it. 

I've always liked to sew, and this year I think I will try "an apron a month" project, beginning with this ripply apron made from an online pattern.

I ordered this book from Connecting Threads for Christmas.  It has pull-out patterns for five full-length aprons, six half aprons, and four kitchen accessories (pot holders, place mats, table runner).  With the patterns I already have in my collection, I believe I can have a different apron for each month.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Do you remember a time when bed linens were bought as separate pieces instead of a matched set, and when most sheets and pillowcases came in white?  Before the addition of polyester in fabrics, the pillowcases were starched and ironed;(o.k., maybe we don't want to remember that!) Women took great pride in embellishing the pillowcases

with hand crocheted insertions,

crocheted edgings,

or hand embroidery.

What a wonderful work of love and enjoyment!  So, I'm thinking, there'll be no more matching sets of sheets and pillowcases for me; I'll buy basic white and maybe make my own pillowcases, and adorn them with colorful threads and stitches.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Farm Day

No matter the weather, they've still gotta be fed ...

It feels good to be back inside this afternoon.

Friday, January 11, 2013


If you've read my blog for the past year, then you know how much I like working jigsaw puzzles in January.  As soon as Christmas is over and everything is put away, it seems like it's time to relax in the evenings with a new puzzle.  This one was a real doozy!  The quilt in the middle of the picture was the last part I put together.  And no wonder!  Every piece had the same colors, and so I ended up putting little sections of it together by the shapes of the pieces.

This was a good puzzle for an old quilter like myself.  The blue quilt is made in the Double Wedding Ring pattern; I've pieced a couple of these by hand and they're almost like a fabric puzzle.

I let it sit on the work surface for a few days to enjoy, and now it's torn apart and back in the box.  Do you enjoy working jigsaw puzzles in the winter?  I know it makes some people nervous or they consider it a waste of time.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Beginning a Farm Day

She stirs, and slips farther down into the cocoon of flannel and quilts.  There's only a glimmer of light at the window; no need to look at the digital numbers to know it's time to get up.  With a prayer for guidance and protection throughout the day, she puts her feet onto the cold floor.

Basic housework and breakfast out of the way, she puts on the worn jacket and boots and begins another day on the farm.