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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mystery Solved

Last summer I had rose moss plants in my mama's old cast iron wash pot.  They were way too thick and never bloomed much because of the heat.  When fall came, and the plants had died back, there was one little green plant on one side of the pot.  Its leaves were different, so I left it, out of curiosity, thinking it might have come from a stray seed and was probably only a weed.  It survived the cold, frigid days with no covering and very little water.

As temperatures began warming, the plant began growing, to a height of about twelve inches, and soon there were buds appearing; buds which reminded me of little red poppies I had in my flower beds years ago.  Could it be? 

This morning, one bud was standing up straight and I could see a tiny bit of red.  By 10:00 a.m. the bud had burst forth into bloom, and I was thrilled to see that it is a poppy!

When I grew these before, I purchased the seeds from a  company that sells wildflower seeds. and sometimes a free packet would come with a gardening publication advertisement.  I think these are sometimes planted along highways so you may have seen them.
So, the mystery is solved; now I'm hoping the other buds will open and I will be able to save some seeds to plant next year.  By the way, the chicken wire over the hens and chicks plants, in the first picture is to keep the DOGS from scratching them out.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Simple Rail Fence for a Doll

I'm catching up with the unfinished projects.  This little top had been in the cupboard for a while, so I took it out and machine quilted it.  A simple rail fence pattern, made into two inch blocks, and a finished size of 14 1/4 inches, is just right for a small doll.  Soft, spring colors make it special.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Signs of Spring

Two of the most definite signs of spring: maple seeds twirling about in the wind like little helicopters, and yellow pollen, filling every crack and crevice.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bright Little Quilt

I might be pulled over by the quilt police for this bright little quilt.  He would ticket me for quilting with impaired vision and shaking hands, failure to maintain 1/4 inch seam allowances, excessive use of a seam ripper, failure to make perfect 45 degree turns on corner binding, and failure to yield to pins.
But someday I'll give this bright  quilt to some little girl, and she won't notice those things.  All she will see is the puffy pinkness, her favorite color,  that it looks like a quilt for a big bed, but it's just right for her doll, and it belongs just to her.
 I quilted this one on my new machine.  For a quilt that will be played with, maybe this is the best way, but I don't think I could ever do a big quilt on the machine. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Circle of Farm Life

There's a small touch of spring in the yard, and the circle of the seasons begins again.

We get baby chickens tomorrow, so the circle of farm life begins again,

with an early, cloudy morning delivery of rice hulls and shavings for new bedding for the chicks. 
Things have come a long way since we started raising chickens, 41 years ago; we used to use a scoop shovel to push the shavings off the back of the truck, then spread them over the floor by hand.  Oh my! the next day we were very sore!  Now the new bedding comes in spreader trucks and we don't have to do all that hard work.
I'm always amazed at the skill men possess to be able to back the trucks into the houses; and it isn't always men who do this.  The wife of the man we buy the bedding from, backs in with just as much ease as the men.  Way to go!
And so, the circle of farm work continues.....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Newspaper Clipping

There were several newspaper clippings in box I brought home with me after my mother's death in 1987.  Most were about her grand children's 4-H activities, wedding stories, etc.  A few days ago I took another look into the box and came across this small article about my Aunt Marie and her laying hen:

Our local paper has always been small, and women from different communities used to gather up news from their neighbors and have them printed each week.  I'm sure that's how this came to be printed; someone thought it was news worthy.
(Click on the article to enlarge it)

Monday, April 8, 2013

April Apron

April's apron is crocheted; I didn't do the crochet work, but did make the ties for it since it had none when it came to me.  I have a pattern for an apron similar to this and might try it someday.   There are also patterns on the internet for crocheted aprons if you'd like to make one.  The model is my third granddaughter.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Note for Me Today ~~

Dear Mom,

   I just want you to know
   that every year,
   as I understand
   a little more about life,
   and as I learn
   a little more about myself,
   and as I see
   a little more
   of the world around me...
   I realize--
   and am so much more grateful for--
   what a wonderful mother
   I have always had in you.

         Happy Birthday

(This was on the birthday card given to me today for my 72nd birthday, from youngest daughter)