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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Splendid Gift . . .

came in the mail today.  Sherri ( read my post about Isabelle and my intentions to sew for her.  She left a comment that she had two new patterns she would like for me to have if I wanted them.  Of course I said YES!  The patterns have a good selection of styles to choose from and I'm thinking the first thing I will make is a pair of springtime pajamas.  Now I need to put away the quilt block sewing and sew for Isabelle.

I think you would enjoy a visit to Sherri's blog; she makes sweet, sweet cloth dolls and beautiful clothes for them, all by hand I believe.

Thank you, Sherri ~ aren't blogging friends nice!


Friday, March 20, 2015


I want you to meet Isabelle, my American Girl doll ~

This is how she came to live with me:  Our children and grandchildren were all here at Christmas for lunch.  When we had finished eating, they put gifts on the table for the Farmer and me.  One gift was a rather long box, and thinking it was for the both of us, I told him to open it, but the girls said, "No, this one is for you!"  I took the first wrapping off, and there was another layer of Christmas paper; "So it's one of those gifts!" I thought.  But under this layer was a box which I immediately recognized and I was so excited and exclaimed, "I know what it is!  It's an American Girl doll!'  They had pooled their money and bought her for me.  I love these kids!

The papers that came with her say she's a dancer, but living on the farm with me will make her a country girl.  She'll be dressed in print cotton dresses, trimmed with buttons and rickrack (I never learned to attach lace very well), flannel nightclothes, plaid and denim play clothes;

 she'll sleep in a homemade bed with homemade sheets and pillowcase, and patchwork quilts.
I really like her, and I've wanted a doll this size to sew for; now I have plans for all kinds of things.  Ahh ~ how much she would have been loved 64 years ago ~ smile~


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Remember these blocks?

These, with many more blocks, are what they have become:

a big, colorful quilt top.  The scrap pile seems no smaller ~ sigh ~  Most points matched up perfectly which made me happy.  What do you think about using black in a quilt?  I think it makes the colors pop!  Now on to another project....


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


seems to be the perfect descriptive word for the month of February and the beginning of March.  Can't even see the mountains (this is just a hill) and I think I've only seen the moon two times since the new moon.  We've had a little snow, enough to make the ground a sloppy mess to trek through while doing the feeding.  But, we've lived with it, knowing full well that it won't be long until we're wishing for rain and cool summer breezes.  "Que sera, sera!"

The Farmer had asked for extra time out before getting chickens again, to give his leg time to recover.  (By the way, it's o.k. now.)  I think "they" gave us two or three extra days, just long enough to make me want to retire, so yesterday we filled the houses again.  (You're saying, "Oh no! not another picture of chickens!")

There were twins this week; what a cold, cold time for babies.  I don't see how people can raise cattle in the northern states where it is so much colder.  We have them in the barn with their mother.  (Terrible picture of them :(; too dark inside the barn)

This morning the Farmer sent off a load of hay that was purchased last summer but only now being picked up; sometimes we wonder if we should have kept it since this winter more hay has been needed.  This load went up the mountain in all this fog.

So, there you have it: my life these days.  There have been some quilting projects tucked into a few hours most days that I want to tell you about; a wonderful Christmas surprise gift and a fun tradition my girls and I have going; some crochet work ~ just give me a few days to catch up.  Writing a blog post takes up so much time because I sit and wait and wait for the pictures to load. 

Until next time, be happy!