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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Apron Review

So, here we are, the last day of 2013!  Sometimes when I look back, I wonder, what did I do that was worthwhile this year?  I did very little quilting, and no gardening; however, I did rake hay and I worked with six batches of chickens, and I made aprons!  I kept my promise to have twelve aprons; I made eleven of them. 

A blogging friend suggested that I show the twelve.  Will it be boastful?  I surely hope not, so here they are:
January ~ ripply half apron
February ~ child's apron
March ~ half apron with attached dish towel
April ~ vintage crocheted half apron from the farmer's great aunt
May ~ from a vintage pattern
July ~ half apron with quilted potholder corners
August ~ gifted to a dear blogging friend who likes big pockets :)
November ~ mother/daughter simple aprons
December ~ applique from Lee Prairie Designs


Whew!!  I put several yards of thread through my new machine in 2013!  Wonder what will be next?
Have a wonderful New Year!!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Dear Santa,

I know it is a little late in sending a letter, but time runs away from me.  I haven't been in much of a festive mood this year.  We will still have chickens on Christmas Day, which means work just as though it was any other day. 

There are no little children in our family anymore;  little ones add a special spark to light the happiness don't they?  I remember being little; attending a Christmas program at the church building, hanging an old stocking on the doorknob when we got home, then bouncing out of bed the next morning and running into the cold room to see what had been left for me.  Some years we went to Grandma Bean's for dinner and my favorite food was the Jello with real big grapes in it.

I'm old now, so I won't hang a stocking and there's no sense in putting packages under the tree for me, because I have all the material stuff I need to keep dusted and in place.  In other words, I don't need things that have to be bought with money, but rather things bought with one of the most precious things you have ~ TIME.  So, I'll be leaving a list of things you can choose from for my present: 1)hang a shelf and a pegboard. 2)finish wiring the plug-ins in the living room. 3)move the freezer that doesn't work anymore, outside!  4)electric cord for the old Singer.... There are lots more I could add, but I don't want to scare you away!

I'll have some of that good, homemade fruit cake for you!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Woman's Version of The Night Before Christmas...

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the kitchen
I was cooking and baking and did I mention,
I've been here for hours, I can't stop to rest.
This room's a disaster, just look at this mess!

Tomorrow I've got thirty people to feed.
They expect all the trimmings.  Who cares what I need!
My feet are both blistered, I've got cramps in my legs,
The cat just knocked over a bowl full of eggs.

There's a knock at the door and the telephone's ringing;
frosting drips on the counter as the microwave's dinging.
Two pies in the oven, dessert's almost done;
my cookbook is soiled with butter and crumbs.

I've had all I can stand, I can't take anymore;
then in walks my husband, spilling rum on the floor.
He weaves and he wobbles, his balance unsteady,
then grins as he chuckles, "The eggnog is ready!"
He looks all around and with total regret, says,
"What's taking so long...aren't you through in here yet?"

As quick as a flash I reach for a knife;
He loses an earlobe; I wanted his life!
He flees from the room in terror and pain
and screams, "MY, MY, WOMAN, YOU'RE GOING INSANE!!"

Now what was I doing, and what is that smell?
Oh dear, it's the pies! Now I must tell...
I hate to admit when I make a mistake,
but I put them on BROIL instead of on BAKE!

What else can go wrong?  Is there still more ahead?
If this is good living, I'd rather be dead.
Now don't get me wrong, I love holidays;
It just leaves me exhausted, all shaky and dazed.

But I promise you one thing, if I live 'til next year,
you won't find me pulling my hair out in here.
I'll hire a maid, a cook, and a waiter;
and if that doesn't work, I'LL HAVE IT ALL CATERED!

(I didn't write this, but rather it was given to me, and I have no idea who did write it to give her credit.)


Friday, December 13, 2013

From My Cartoon Collection and Ice Update

It can still happen ;)

Ice is still on the farm, one week later...

Some icicles actually reached the ground before they fell off.

Stay safe and warm,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

We Still Have Ice and Snow

Although the sun did shine this morning, I never did see the temperature above 32* so not much melting took place.  We were hoping a lot of this would melt today since more snow and ice is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.  With this much ice, plus the snow, on the roof of the chicken houses, there's a lot of weight bearing down on them.  Too much weight and the roof could collapse ~ oh my!  What a mess that would be!  It's always on our minds when we have a lot of ice and snow.  The farmer told me if I hear things beginning to crack when I'm inside there, to run to the wall.

The storm caught me without any food for the bird feeder, so I put some of my pecan shells on the front porch for them to pick out the little bits of nuts left in the shells.  They were so cute, darting here and there, eating.  Today I saw two of them having a fuss and I could hear them having a disagreement over the nuts.  Precious little creations...


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ice and Snow Storm?? with Update

Thursday night:

We've had rain off and on all day but so far no problems with ice or snow.  However, that may change as the temperatures are just below 32* right now at 9:30 p.m.  We have a generator for the chicken houses so they'll have heat and exhaust fans should the power go off.  The farmer could quickly get it tied into the dwelling house if needed.  We have a wood burning furnace, but it requires electricity to run the fan, and a small gas heater in one room so we can stay fairly warm. 

Today I made vegetable/beef soup, always good eating on a cold day.  Also I finished two embroidery projects that have been around for ages, and read a few chapters in my daughter's newly released book, His Promise True, which, by the way, can be found on Amazon.

So for those of you who have wondered about us, everything is good so far; if ice covers everything, in the morning I'll have to watch my steps carefully when I go to the chicken houses; at least it's good and warm in there. 


Friday morning:
We got up this morning with everything covered in sleet and ice; around 7:30 it began to snow.  No power outage yet.  After the chicken work, the cattle had to be fed.  The farmer had set out bales yesterday.  He's feeding silage bales because the plastic comes off easier than the frozen net.

Every chain and latch on the gates were frozen.

I think untouched snow is beautiful, but it makes for so much more work, cold work.  The farmer kept telling me to "be careful" so I reminded him, "you're older than me".   It seems awfully early in the season for this type of weather in our area.  Hope it doesn't mean all of winter will be this way!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Apron

Did you think I could make twelve aprons in one year?  Here's the last one for this year, but there will probably be some show up now and then next year too, just because I love to make them.

Last summer, Carolyn (www.leeprairiedesigns.blogspot.com) sent one of her apron patterns to me.  Also included were three applique patterns for the apron(s).  I waited until I had ordered the perfect fabric from Connecting Threads to make this butcher style apron, then I chose to use the "Merry Christmas" applique.

It was such fun to make!  Thank you, Carolyn!  Isn't it nice when talented blogging friends share their patterns and ideas with us?  To see more of her work visit her blog; she makes sweet things!

Now, what to do in 2014....