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Friday, January 29, 2016

Ready for the Cold Front

"They" say we'll be having a cold front move in on Monday night and next week will be a lot cooler.  I think we're prepared now since the girls have new flannel gowns.

Isabelle, in her extra soft, pink flannel gown, and 

my sweet Fannie Marie in her red flannel gown.

They both have quilts for their beds, and Isabelle's bed has flannel sheets and pillowcase.
We'll be all cozy and warm.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hello Folks ~ ~ ~

The middle of January, already!  I guess the world hasn't slowed down yet!  I've been tucked away in the house doing things I love to do: sewing and working jigsaw puzzles.  Each year, around Thanksgiving and through Christmas, I get very nervous and my tendency to be agoraphobic takes over.  Sewing and the puzzles help calm me.

One of my daughters gave this puzzle to me a year or so ago, and when I saw the colors of the pieces, which seemed to be all the same in parts of it, I just put the lid back on the box; too difficult it seemed.  Something told me to try it this year; I wouldn't be outdone!  I do think it was the most difficult puzzle I've ever worked, but what a pretty one!  Now I'll leave it out a few days, then break it apart, put it back into the box and give it back to her, because, it's for sure I won't be working this one  again!

The sewing part involved Isabelle, so I'll save that for now.  I hope everyone is well and staying warm.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year