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Friday, March 31, 2017

A little bump in my road of life is happening.  It all started when I went to get my driver's license renewed.  When I was asked to take the vision test, the minute I saw the image I knew I was in trouble.  I kept waiting for those large letters I thought I remembered being on the chart, but they never appeared.  And when I attempted to read them, "E, ? ? ?". the lady told me< "They're numbers." I failed the test, but if I had my eyes examined and got glasses I could get the license.

I was able to get an appointment the next day.  Same chart; where are those big letters?  The doctor flipped different sized lens in front of my eyes and then told me, "I can't do anything for you with glasses."  So I have cataracts in both eyes and will have laser surgery after a physical and more tests.

I don't particularly dread the surgery; I'm a tough cookie, but not so tough when it comes to making the early morning trips to the office.  You see, I'm somewhat agoraphobic, and being away from home makes me very nervous.  I think of things at night and I can feel my insides being tied in knots; then I pray and try to think of my sewing room.  Sometimes I'd like to just fasten the door, work on my projects and not ever have to feel those knots again. 

I had to find a PCP because I haven't been to a doctor since the 80s; I haven't needed to go.  Now the magnets on the refrigerator hold slips of paper with dates and times and I try to ignore them and push it all aside.

It's strange, how years ago I couldn't see up close and had to have glasses to read; now that's changed, I can see up close fairly well, but everything in the distance seems to be in a fog.

Since I'm still able to see how to sew, I'm making things from larger pieces of fabric.

A towel attached to the apron is a handy thing.  I have another apron almost finished.  I've always wondered when my last stitch would be made; hopefully there will be many more ~ and more accurately made.  I may let the blogging sit idle for a while until this has passed but I'll try to keep up with your words.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Baby Quilt ~ Wild Goose Chase

Remember the box of little scraps left over from the Pickle Dish units?  I asked if there were any bets on what I'd do with them.  Some thought I would make doll quilts  or wall hangings from them.  But all the time I had in mind to make a baby quilt.  So the top is finished and here it is:

Small pieces for sure, and very time consuming to piece, but so worth it.  If you're looking for perfection you won't find it here.  Despite all my pressing, marking, and pinning, not all the points matched at the center squares.   I learned a long time ago, while making doll quilts, mistakes are more visible when the pieces are small; even the width of a thread can throw off the perfect seam.

I took a few clippings from the wastebasket and put them near the bird feeder; maybe a bird will take some for her nest.  For instance, can't you imagine this conversation:  Popa Mocking Bird says to Mama bird as they ready a new nest, "See what I found today for you to use in your nest.  Mama Charlotte laid them out just for us, with only one request, that we sing by the light of the moon when summer comes."

There are many scraps left in the box, but I'm tired of working with small pieces and have a hankering to use a larger piece of fabric for a change.  So, I'll put the lid on the box of scraps and perhaps, just maybe, either get brave enough to throw them away or make a doll quilt.

May your weekend by a pleasant one.