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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Me-e-ow-ow ~~~ "What's She Done Now?"

One of the first blogs I followed was Garden of Daises.  She hasn't written in a while, but there is where I saw these sweet vintage dishtowels which were a part of her collection: 

Then a few weeks ago I saw the beautiful work of Kathleen, and just knew I wanted to do work like this.

That's when I remembered a pattern I had that would be suitable for applique and embroidery on the same designs.

The towels were purchased at Wal Mart (Amazon has them also, but the price is a bit more.)  They're made from cotton and I think they will be very durable.  These are my finished towels:

I used gingham checks for the dresses and bonnets; gingham checks say "country" to me and they were used for little girls' dresses in days gone by.  I haven't seen checks in stores in years; do they not make them anymore?  If not, what a shame!

This was a fun, but time-consuming project.