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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Morning Walk

Fog was so thick this morning I could barely see the neighbors dwelling place. When I took my morning walk I could almost feel the droplets on my face and all through the woods, these little tents were sparkling with the moisture. Tent spiders, I think they're called,

nestled among the twigs and dry leaves, or attached to grass. I tried to entice one to come out by tickling the tent with a blade of grass.

That was the pleasant thing I saw this morning; these things were not so pleasing:

the armadillo made its rounds again last night digging deeper and deeper and throwing more and more dirt out. I'm going to haul some dirt and fill up the holes, then put a layer of chicken wire over it, in hopes he won't dig there again. Now he'll probably start over under something else. We had one inch of rain Saturday night, making the ground nice and soft, so he took advantage of the situation.
Do you have this problem with animals? How do you deal with it? I'd like to know.

After posting this, I did some research on the spider. I think these are called grass spiders rather than tent spiders.


  1. I'm so glad you got a good rain Charlotte.
    We had a real problem with armadillos when we first moved to Texas, but you don't want to know how my husband and sons took care of it ;-)

  2. if you find out how to deal with armadillos let me know!! I get holes all over the yard from them.
    p.s. I don't own a gun :)

  3. Girl!!! This is so funny. I was a little late for work because I kept taking pics of webs. They're gorgeous. I'm trying to get it together to post mine too.

  4. We are having the same problem...let me know if you figure something out.

  5. Great photos. The tent spider sounds interesting. We have a spider that has lightweight little tents like that, but they're super hard to photograph. Your photos are lovely.
    The armadillo would worry me. As cool looking as they are, they can carry such scary diseases.
    I hope you can find a successful deterrent to keep them off your land.

  6. I never knew they were called grass spiders-so I learned something new : ) We've been having lots of fog too.

  7. There are a lot of spider webs in our woods. Just a few years ago we had a baby armadillo come up into the yard. I was able to sneak up on it and pick it up for the children to look at. It stayed around for a little while and then it was gone. I have not seen another armadillo since. Have a happy Halloween! blessings,Kathleen

  8. An armadillo recently took up residence under my house. I finally managed to dissuade him or her by blocking the entrances that had been dug--using some bricks and other heavy material. Lately, thank heavens, I haven't seen any evidence of the critter. I hope yours decides to move on soon. I know they can be a nuisance.

  9. Your photos of the spiderwebs are so interesting! We don't have armadillos, but we have squirrels, rabbits and deer. I spray Liquid Fence on my flowers, but even after doing that earlier this week, something dug up the pansies I'd just planted. So yesterday I sprinkled crushed moth balls around them. We'll see if that works!
    Good luck with your armadillo war!