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Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Attention-Grabbing Expression

We had a good Christmas dinner and everyone sat back, full and content, visiting with one another. Then, one by one, the cell phones came out for everyone except Lily and me; I don't have one and the one she has is old and used. She calls it a dinosaur. I have a cordless phone. The grandchildren text one another, even though they're sitting right next to each other, and maybe send a message to someone having dinner with their own family. One son-in-law brags, "My phone has over 600 songs in itunes!" Another holds his phone in the air and says, "My phone has these pictures we took!" Even Popa has his cell phone out, and looking through his bifocals he looks intense as he scrolls and drags his finger across the screen. Not wanting to be left out completely I try to join the conversation, and amid all the discussion I interrupt with, "My phone has a new battery; now I can take it to the bathroom with me!"

All this took me back to a story I have heard since I was a child. I suppose it is true and it went something like this:

A group of women were sitting around a quilt, and as they stitched, their conversation turned to a discussion of their geese. "My goose got really big this year and..." Another chimed in with her boasting, "My goose got in the garden and..." A shy young woman sitting at the end of the quilt thought she would tell about her goose, "My goose..." She was interrupted as another woman said, "My goose raised four goslings this summer..." Each time the young woman tried to tell about her goose, someone else would tell about hers. Finally, in desperation the young woman said loudly, "MY GOOSE!" All the ladies stopped talking and stared at her as she meekly said, "My goose has soft feathers."

People I grew up with used the expression, "My goose". Usually it would be used between friends, privately, who found themselves among several people in a room, who were talking loudly or all at the same time. So, whenever I tried to tell about my cordless phone, I looked over at my daughter and said, "My goose!..." She knew what I meant!

You're probably thinking, "How stupid!" But we were a close-knit community and had ways of bringing a little humor into a life filled with hard work; laughter brought us together.


  1. LOL - yes telephones are a very must have item now.

  2. I love this Charlotte (but then I love all of your stories). I have been watching The Walton's while hemming some skirts this afternoon and thinking how contented and comforted I felt. I miss living in a small community. I am a country girl at heart and feel a bit lost whenever I have to go to town. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than sit across the table from with a cup of tea and listen to your stories.
    Your blog looks so pretty! I am having a struggle with mine these days. I want so much to have a good balance in my life and I haven't up until now. Far too much time with those gadgets you're talking about. I am longing to just sit back and give this all over to the Lord.
    I'm sorry this is so long! I guess I'm longing for a bit of conversation just now ;-)

  3. I have a cell phone because of being isolated. Nothing on it but emergency numbers - then my computer. That is all I want.
    I know when my family is visiting they are all holding some kind of little machine in there hands.
    Not me or you...

  4. Oh, cell phones... nice to have in an emergency, but I so wish they would all go away and people would pay attention to the ones they are with. Sigh.

    I've gone ahead and added your name to our list for the clean out. You just do however much donating and clearing you want to... it doesn't have to be 366. Anything is a step in the right direction.

  5. Very cute stories, Charlotte...
    I had to giggle at your telling of how everyone had their phones out at Christmas~ the young-uns at my family's gathering had their phones out too.... *sigh*...
    I think I liked it better before we all got so high-tech.

    "My Goose!" is SO FUNNY!

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  7. I have always loved that story. I actually "told" it to someone the other day, although I didn't get the details just right. LOL

  8. I've never heard the goose story before, but it's a peach of an analogy to how sometimes we feel put aside in a conversation.
    I enjoyed your phone story. You were right about it being a perfect 'My Goose' situation. I'd be like you because I don't have a cell phone either. Thank goodness there's still landlines. ;)
    Great post. :)

  9. My goose!!! Gonna' remember that. Yes, cell phones can be a nuisance but I fear I have become quite dependent on them as well. My grand daughter sent me a text asking me to give her Papa a message because, "you know he doesn't have text on his phone." I guess it's a foreign concept to dial the phone.

  10. That's such a cute story! And it's very important to be able to take your phone in the bathroom with you. So there!

  11. I remember being on an 8-party line, which is just next to not having a phone. Compared to that, having a phone not fastened to the wall seems ultra modern!

  12. I love this.. you hit the nail on the head.. that's the way it is in my family.. my son comes in sits down and starts texting.. boy times sure have changed.. I remember the old party lines where you couldn't use the phone if your life depended on it.. technology has come a long ways some for the good and some not so good..hope you have a nice weekend..Susie

  13. I just love this story! Actually, Richard and I only have one cell phone between us. It stays in the truck for emergency purposes only. It doesn't do anything fancy, just talk. LOL! My sister laughs at us and tells us we need to "get with the times" Sometimes I think that if it wasn't for my kids, I wouldn't even house the house phone.

  14. I love this story. Like your other readers, I enjoy reading all of your stories.
    Speaking of cell phones, I don't text and cannot see the fascination with having a phone attached at all times. I guess I'm somewhat of a dinosaur.

  15. Very wise! Wish I had known that word when sitting around the relatives all of the past years! LOL. blessings,Kathleen

  16. I like this story. For me it's about human nature. We all need a little air time--a little attention pointed in our direction!

  17. I love the my goose story! My girls phones bug me to no end!! But like you pointed out-everybody and their brother has one and is usually looking at it.

  18. No, definitely not stupid, I've found this story very interesting actually........

    One of my pet hates is when people talk over the top of you in a conversation. I try to make sure I don't do it, but find this means I don't get to add my two cents worth.......
    Shall remember 'my goose' from now on and smile to myself .

    lWhat could I say about my mobile/cell phone......it's pink,lol...

    Claire :}