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Friday, August 17, 2012

It's So Easy ~~ It's Simplicity

Most of my days go like this: breakfast, housework, chicken work, snack time, fix lunch, etc., then in the afternoons I try to find a little time to work in the sewing room, either quilting or doing a little machine work, before starting the evening chores of feeding and watering.

I love to make aprons; don't like to wear them, just make them.  Recently I bought this pattern,

ordered this fabric from Connecting Threads (www.connectingthreads.com),

and this week I made the misses' size apron.

It's called an "adjustable" apron because the neck strap and the ties are all one continuous piece, allowing the neck strap to be adjusted to fit the person wearing it.

The ties go through a facing on the sides of the bib.

It's a big apron with plenty to cover the sides of your clothing and there are two large pockets on the skirt.  It was easy to make.

I'm sorry not to model it for you; I look hideous in an apron :(

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Phooey, I wanted you to model it, Charlotte! *haha*
    I don't look good in an apron either, but I don't like soapy water all over my shirt and pants when I wash dishes so I put one on anyway.
    I love the fabric, and the pattern does look easy-peasey! I got my latest Connecting Threads flyer yesterday... the fall fabric made me squeeeal!

  2. it's a cute pattern - I don't wear aprons but I admit I should wear them as when I cook I get splatters all over me.

  3. This is an apron I would wear a lot...love the fabric. It would even look good over your jeans.

  4. Very nice! I never wear aprons either, but remember my Grandmother always wearing one. Different day and time, as they say!

  5. I love aprons too and I never wear one!! I think it's because my Mother put her apron on in the morning and didn't take it off until after the supper dishes were done.

  6. I love it.
    Love to wear an apron.
    My mother made me some years ago
    I even have one that came from a local grocery.
    Liked the pockets.
    One for cell phone
    one for clippers
    one for landline phone")
    and I can tuck anything else in
    I need....
    If I was near I would buy one from you...

  7. The fabric is so sweet! Such a cute apron!

  8. That's so pretty.. I remember my grandma always having one on.. She put her little change purse in the pocket pinned with a latch pen.. She wore the ones that wrap around the waist.. I used to wear those like you made as I worked in the school cafeteria...

  9. You are so organized! I love your apron, it is very pretty. I collect old aprons and I have bunches. I wear them sometimes.

  10. Love this pattern, looks like it sews up in a few hours. I love wearing aprons, you will find me with an apron on at every family dinner.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth