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Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Time For Santa Letters...

and it seems Santa is already busy, reading and filling those requests.  Our local paper tells us, "Kids, it's time to start making those lists and getting those Santa letters in so they can be published and Santa and his helpers will have plenty of time to start filling those Christmas orders."
I don't remember writing letters to Santa, but I think I will write one now:
Dear Santa Claus,  I know you read my blog; I've seen you sitting at the computer, smiling at my words and stories, my Christmas memories of years gone by when five dollars worth of presents were under the tree for me.  My how times have changed!
I have tried to be good this year, with the exception of my yelling at the abandoned dogs, and in spite of my "old" age, I've continued to do my share of the farm work and  gave of my quilting time to open and close gates and shuttle the farmer back and forth between tractors while we feed cattle.
I'm not asking for big things, nor things that money can buy;  I already have plenty of "stuff".  Instead I'm asking for things that come with the price of that precious possession you have, called TIME.  So, here is my list: 1)Trim around the window and door in the bathroom; it's already painted. 2)Hang curtain rods and the little shelf in my bedroom. 3)Put glides on my closet doors; they've been swinging for three years now. 4)This request could cost money: either fix the potty or buy a new one to stop the screaming it makes when flushed! 5)How about a trellis for the clematis vine?  The lattice board was bought years ago.  I won't ask that you paint the bedroom because I know you don't like to paint.
Now Santa, if you don't have time or energy to spend on doing these things, perhaps you know of an elf who would.  Since you don't eat many cookies anymore, how about a baked sweet potato?


  1. I'm right here LOL Charlotte - I hear where you are coming from! I to have a "honey do list" that just hasn't been budging much the last couple of years -- I too have plenty of stuff and don't need more but I need(want) things done :)

  2. LOL! What a great list! Is there anything on that list that I could help Santa with? And it reminds me that I need to make a list of my very own.

  3. *hahaha* Oh, Charlotte~ this was wonderful! If that elf shows up at your house, be sure to send him my way, okay? :)

  4. I love the idea of your list! Boy I could write my own a mile long...but then Santa would be too busy to do anything else.

  5. Love this! Hope Santa or a Christmas elf will come to answer your requests!

  6. LOL, You asked for good things! I hope you find Santa to be very helpful!

  7. Cute letter, Charlotte. I saw a post on FB earlier that read: "You know you've grown up when none of the things you want for Christmas can be bought at a store." So true!

    (PS I really have a difficult time with your word verification. I noticed it was gone for awhile, but is back now.... :( )

  8. Delightful post, Charlotte!!!!

    Hugs, Carolyn

    P.S. Remember Elf's love cookies too!!!!

  9. I love your letter to Santa, Charlotte! Time, the most precious gift of all. I hope he sends you an "elf" for your honey-do list.

  10. Oh Charlotte your letter to Santa made me chuckle. I think you and I have the same type of letter to write to Santa. Are you sure he will see these letters because I have this one bit of lattice that hasn't been put back up in 3 years!!!