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Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Stitches

I got a new sewing machine in December as an anniversary/Christmas present.  The Singer I have makes nice stitches but it gives me fits coming unthreaded so much of the time, and with my aging eyes and fumbling fingers, threading the machine is a chore.  The new machine is a Brother from Wal Mart, not a fancy expensive machine, but it has a needle threader! and a button for raising and lowering the needle so it doesn't come unthreaded!  And -- it has a buttonhole foot, another great thing for me.

Another of its features is a multitude of decorative stitches, and of course I wanted to see how they look when put to fabric.  So I made some little crazy patch blocks and added some of these stitches to the seam lines of each piece.

Not all the stitches appeal to me, but I especially like the cross stitches, little hearts, flowers, and leaves.

The machine automatically sets the length and width of the stitches, but as I became more familiar with them, I began to make them longer and wider which gave a different look; I like them better this way.

Now I know these are no where near as pretty as hand stitching and I don't plan to use them much, but for a little doll quilt or doll clothes they can add a sparkle of interest.  It's been fun playing with the machine.  Now it's off to feed cattle -- after I clean up the mess; threads everywhere!



  1. I'm sure you'll enjoy that machine and all those pretty stitches... Mine is not that old but I'm still learning on it..I wish I had the stitches you've got..You take care, Susie

  2. Oh, Charlotte~ I'm so tickled for you! I wish I lived right next door so we could "play" with our machines together! :)
    Those needle-threaders are the berries, aren't they? I never had a machine with that feature before but after having it on my new one I don't think I could ever live without it now.
    I love all your stitches... especially the one with the little hearts. I never thought of doing a little "experimental" quilt using all those different stitches~ that's a great idea! I think I'll try that with mine too just to see what some of them look like.
    I know what you mean about the mess... I've haven't took the time to clean up my sewing table since I got mine and it's a disaster area! :)

  3. I love the decorative stitching on your quilt block. Great idea, I can see doing that on blocks used for hot pads or table runners!

  4. love the decorative stitches - one of my machines has a couple of them but not many the other is plain old straight stitch. One has a needle threader which took awhile for me to get the hang of it and now I love it, the other is tough at times to get the needle threaded as it is just me threading it.
    Have fun playing.

  5. What fun! I think the stitches are very pretty. I have a hard time threading needles too. I can't see well enough, and my fingers are too clumsy. Nice that you have a new machine now. I'm sure you will enjoy using it. Have a great weekend! :-)

  6. You surely are going to enjoy the new machine, especially the needle threader (wish I had one!). I really like the fabrics you chose for your little crazy patch blocks...great with your new creative stitches.

  7. I'm so out of touch with sewing machines, I didn't know they were able to do those fancy stitches. I love those! (They'd be good for folks like me who don't do hand-stitching well.)

  8. I love your crazy blocks and all the fancy stitches. I think needle threaders are a great thing. I use mine all the time. So much easier. Glad you are using and enjoying your new machine. Keep inspiring us with your work!

  9. Congratulations on your new sewing machine. I love those dainty little hearts flowers and leaves. I know you'll make some beautiful creations with them. Happy Quilting! :)

  10. With the way
    you create
    This new machine will give
    you so much pleasure.
    A wonderful gift you received
    Always wished I could sew...

  11. Charlotte,
    I really like the quilt block pattern you used for your stitching samples. Would it be okay if I used that block pattern sometime. I didn't want to make the pattern or use it without your permission.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  12. Love all your fun decorative machine stitches that you are using with your "new" sewing machine..and the needle threader is defintly a must have!!! I know you are having fun creating lot's.:) Carolyn

  13. That is so cool! Beautiful stitches. I think that will make some really pretty decorative touches on a doll dress or quilt.

  14. Looks like you are having lots of fun playing with your new toy! :-) Love all the nifty stitches!

  15. Oh how fun, those little stitches can add some adorable touches. My sister sent me an old family sewing machine and I've been afraid to get try it out as I know next to nothing about sewing - congratulations on your gift.
    Oh I love your new headlining photo.