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Thursday, May 30, 2013

29 Days Between Posts

What a thrill to know I've been missed!  Some have asked if I'm o.k.; I am ~ just a little weary and wondering if I should continue blogging.   My daughter started this blog site and asked if I would like to contribute a story now and then and show some of my quilts.
It was fun and exciting to read comments about my work and soon, every stitch I made was examined and carefully done so I could write about the quilt.  That was the way it was for all the years I entered quilts in the county fair: what will the judges think of this or that, and soon it almost became a chore, rather than an enjoyment, trying to be perfect.  Now I almost feel burned out with quilting, because the last one I put up stayed on the frames for about six months, just sitting there, covered up to keep it from fading.  Yesterday I took it off the frames, folded it up with its batting and lining, and put it in the cupboard.
Does this make me a failure?  I don't think so; I feel relief that it's out of sight, and now my frames are open for baby quilts and doll quilts, and I can still piece tops when I want to. 

Many hours were put into paper piecing the top.  I just didn't feel up to trying to hand quilt through all those seams and didn't want to take a chance of ruining it by machine quilting it, because it is a pretty top.

The pattern is a Marcia Hohn design from the Spring 2003 edition of the Quilt magazine, called Flowers of Friendship. 
Now of course, this set-back in my creative spirit isn't the reason I haven't blogged.  I'll try to find time to post that story tomorrow.  I have tried to find time each day to read your words and look at the beautiful pictures you post. So, let me thank each of you who looked for my words and wondered about me; makes me feel special...


  1. I have missed you
    checking in daily
    and thought you are busy with your life.
    This quilt is so beautiful.
    I am trying to continue writing for children and grandchildren and guess myself :)
    But with energy, all I have created, simple health issues, I wonder what the future holds...
    We do not know
    just one day at a time...

  2. This is a beauty of a quilt...have never seen one like it. You have been missed, but I know all about busy times on a farm.

  3. I am so glad you're back! There is a warmth and beauty about your little place that is so inviting Charlotte.
    I haven't been reading or commenting much - things are a bit much here right now. I think we have seasons when we simply need to rest - or do something a little different. You are absolutely not a failure - not in any way. You are a beautiful, creative, loving friend.

  4. Ha! I've been checking about every other day or so. Just so you know...you ARE special! >:D<

  5. I was just thinking today that it has been awhile since you blogged. Sometimes we just need to step back and say forget about! like you and your quilt on the frame - I have grown so weary of my quilt on the frame only a little more to go but my stitches have gotten bigger and sloppier - I just want it done!I have so many waiting in line to be quilted it isn't funny and some of them will get machine stitched straight lines and I won't like them because like you I really enjoy the hand quilted look so much better.
    Hope all the storms miss you this evening, looks like they are dying out

  6. Oh I've missed you so much Charlotte and I love all your posts. I just wish I was half as gifted as you when it comes to quilting. It is a busy time of the year and I can only imagine livivng on a farm with all the goings on and I haven't had the chance to Blog as much as I'd like. I feel so honored and proud to have you as a friend. Even feel like I've met you we have so many of the same interests.. You take care and sending lots of love your way, Susie

  7. Sometimes we just have to step back and re-group, sure doesn't mean failure! So glad to see back, I always enjoy my visits to your place!!

  8. Nice to see you back, Charlotte. That quilt top is absolutely beautiful! I think we all need to take a break from things now and again whether it be from quilting or blogging or whatever. We can come back to it when we are ready and feel inspired again once we have had a little rest from it.

  9. Oh, Charlotte.. I love the quilt!! Those colors are wonderful. I always enjoy seeing all your projects, whether its quilts or aprons.
    I know what you mean about burn-out... but I hope you don't stop blogging because I would miss you terribly. Of course, I'm one to talk because I've been an awful blogger lately... in fact, I haven't even been on the computer much at all lately.
    Anyway, I just love being able to drop by and see what you've been up to... and I've missed you! :)

  10. Your quilt is so beautiful! I've found that when I don't know how to finish a quilt it is better to put it away for another day, just as you have done. When I 'force' myself forward I am generally not happy with the result. Your inspiration will come when you are not looking for it ... and hand quilting is a daunting undertaking!

  11. I love your posts, Charlotte, and your quilts are beautiful. I love the patriotic quilt with the teddy bear. I know what you mean about blogging. As time moves on, it seems that I get too busy to post on my blog regularly.
    Hope you have a blessed day!