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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Washday at Sam and Sue's

In the weeks before our rain shower, I took refuge in the sewing room to look at something other than dried up flowers and dust.  There was this sweet pattern I had printed off the internet, called Washday at Sam and Sue's Wall Hanging; I don't really know who designed the pattern, but the name, Adrienne Franklin was under the title.  Also, it may have been printed by the Cranston Print Works Company; a lot of Wal Mart's fabric comes from this company.

Now I'm not real fond of wall hangings for my home, so I have in mind this piece would make a cute baby quilt; it seems more suited for a baby girl, thus the light green border.

The clothesline was made by couching with a zig- zag stitch over blue worsted weight yarn.

This was the first applique work I had done using the blanket stitch on my new sewing machine.  I did o.k. with it until I came to a corner, then I usually made a small boo-boo, and now I realize I should have practiced with the machine stitch on a larger piece first.

Of course there had to be quilts to wash and hang!

The clothes are pinned with embroidered pegs and really they just gave life to the piece.

And doesn't every clothesline have to be a fly-over for a bird or two?

After this top is quilted I'll put a hanging sleeve on the back just in case the person who gets it might want to use it as a wall hanging.  It would be sorta cute in a laundry room wouldn't it?



  1. Sam and Sue surely do hang out a pretty wash! I love your fabric choices; surely you had fun with this one! I agree that the embroidered pegs give life to the piece. As always, your work is fabulous...just beautiful!

  2. I think it would look cute as a wall hanging - that is a lot of small work you did in there!

  3. This is absolutely wonderful, a real delight.

    You did a beautiful job and I'm sure it was a joy to make.


  4. Oh, this is so dang cute! Are you going to hand quilt it?

    I've had in mind to do a laundry day quilt for a long time ... one o'these days.

  5. I absolutely LOVE that little quilt!!!

  6. That is so cute. It would look good in a laundry room. Wonderful applique work.

  7. Nice piece you made up. So thoughtful to think ahead and put the sleeve on to hang it! Nancy

  8. That is adorable, Charlotte. You did a great job with that. Very cute!

  9. You amaze me with your
    beautiful hand work.
    Everything you do and share
    is so beautiful.
    You are talented...

  10. Oh my goodness~ that is the cutest thing ever!!! I love it, Charlotte... and you did such a good job on the applique. WONDERFUL!!!