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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ice and Snow Storm?? with Update

Thursday night:

We've had rain off and on all day but so far no problems with ice or snow.  However, that may change as the temperatures are just below 32* right now at 9:30 p.m.  We have a generator for the chicken houses so they'll have heat and exhaust fans should the power go off.  The farmer could quickly get it tied into the dwelling house if needed.  We have a wood burning furnace, but it requires electricity to run the fan, and a small gas heater in one room so we can stay fairly warm. 

Today I made vegetable/beef soup, always good eating on a cold day.  Also I finished two embroidery projects that have been around for ages, and read a few chapters in my daughter's newly released book, His Promise True, which, by the way, can be found on Amazon.

So for those of you who have wondered about us, everything is good so far; if ice covers everything, in the morning I'll have to watch my steps carefully when I go to the chicken houses; at least it's good and warm in there. 


Friday morning:
We got up this morning with everything covered in sleet and ice; around 7:30 it began to snow.  No power outage yet.  After the chicken work, the cattle had to be fed.  The farmer had set out bales yesterday.  He's feeding silage bales because the plastic comes off easier than the frozen net.

Every chain and latch on the gates were frozen.

I think untouched snow is beautiful, but it makes for so much more work, cold work.  The farmer kept telling me to "be careful" so I reminded him, "you're older than me".   It seems awfully early in the season for this type of weather in our area.  Hope it doesn't mean all of winter will be this way!


  1. Brrrrrrr, it's cold outside. We have the same conditions, rain, sleet, and cold weather continuing all next week. Guess we all hunker down until it passes ad sew. Hope the chickens are O.K.

  2. good! I have been wondering about you.
    my parents are in NE TX and my inlaws are in Texarkana, they are just having rain as the temps are just above freezing.
    Lets hope it all stays that way

  3. Stay warm, stay safe; and I hope the chickens will be okay. Hopefully, this cold will pass by quickly.

  4. hope you do not loose power like we have

  5. Oh, my, sounds like you are snowed in. I sure hope your chickens will be ok and you will stay nice and warm, too. I also hope you stay safe and don't slip and fall on the ice. I sure wish this cold snap will pass soon. It makes it so hard trying to get outside and care for the animals. We're thinking of you.

  6. Yum, your soup is perfect for weather like this! I baked a bunch of sweet potatoes yesterday and made lamb stew. It turned out well except the vegetables stayed too crunchy for some reason. I hope the power stays on.....

  7. It has been awful, and with the temperatures forecast to be so cold for so long, I keep wondering when it might even be better. Not the typical December weather, that's for sure. And yes, both of you BE CAREFUL as you're out and about.

  8. Yes please be careful
    and I am older then you :)
    Carefully filled 4 birdfeeders
    they are part of the reason
    I am back in the woods.
    Can't let them go hungry
    they will be flying into my windows :)
    So cold and ice forming.
    Hope no power outages in my area. Years ago I had a wood burning fireplace - but not now..

  9. I hope you stay safe and warm, Charlotte. It is pretty, but it seems early for this to me too. Have a good weekend!

  10. Praying ya'll stay safe and warm and don't lose your electricity. I've been hearing on the news how bad it is for everyone. We're having spring like temps but that's fixin to change. It's headin our way. Take care and God Bless.

  11. The pictures make my feet cold, Charlotte! *haha*
    Hope you all have thawed by now.