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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Farm Life ~ August

This has been a busy week here on the farm.  We've baled hay, 100 plus big round bales on Monday,

 and then on Tuesday we hauled the bales.
Wednesday we got the chicken houses ready for baby chicks.  My job was putting together the cardboard feed trays which are about 3' x 4' in size.
Thursday morning we ran feed into the boxes, drained water lines to flush out air, and triggered the nipple drinkers.  A lot of the nipples were stuck so the chicks wouldn't be able to get water from them.  Then after lunch the chicks came, 67,200 of these little yellow balls of fluff:
So my two weeks off from chicken work is over.  I've been working on the August and September additions to the hope chest ~ and ~ there is a new chore:  
She's twelve days old now and I feed her three times a day.
Her mother was a young heifer (a teenage mother :) who had nothing to do with her from the very beginning.  The calf took the bottle the  first time it was offered to her and is doing so good on the milk replacement I feed to her.  When the milk is all gone she wants to keep sucking; she needs a pacifier! :)
My sweet kitty came to get acquainted.

Now I'll settle back into the routine of being a farmer with a little time snatched now and then to put needle and thread to fabric.



  1. You make me feel like such a slouch! We're the same age, and even though I'm in good health, I wouldn't be able to keep up with you! :)

    The new calf~SO cute!

    1. I think I'm beginning to slow down; I get tired so much quicker now than even two years ago. Most people think I'm in my 60s; perhaps I don't act my age :)

  2. Wow, you have been busy. It's been a busy summer here as well . Thought I'd check in to let you know I'm still kicking. Hope things slow down some for you soon. Hugs, Susie

    1. Oh Susie!! I'm so glad to hear from you; I think of you so often and still pray for your good health to return. I don't think things will slow down until the farmer slows down; he expects me to be right there working with him. :)

  3. The reason you can keep going is because you always have kept going. Farmer's never wear out, it seems, they just slow down a bit, over the years. 67,200 baby chicks? How can you stand the racket? We used to "take off" 4,500 every Sunday from April through August, but 67K? Nice to have disposable feeder trays. Part of my job was to clean and disinfect the feed hoppers and those dang water tanks with the float inside and the water tray all around the bottom.

    1. Judy, just imagine the noise level when the chickens are seven weeks old! Of course they aren't all in the same house, but rather divided up into four houses. We've only used the disposable trays for a few years. The old ones were plastic which I had to wash each time; we also went through several years of washing water troughs. Our girls helped a lot with that work. I couldn't do it all now.

  4. Your days are full! 67,000 baby chicks! I had no idea you dealt with so many. And a baby calf to care for! It looks like you had a bountiful hay crop. That is a blessing!

  5. It's amazing how fast those two "out" weeks can pass by. I loved seeing the "hands" pictures - the hands that help feed us all.

  6. Wow Charlotte! That is a lot of sweet baby chicks! That's a lot of hay too.

    Did you get rain today? My brother went to the Hope Watermelon Festival and said it rained a lot there.

  7. I loved seeing these pictures and hearing about what all is happening there, Charlotte. You are keeping very busy. The chicks and the baby calf are so sweet! :-)

  8. that is a lot of hay - is that more than normal because of the cooler rainier summer we have had? A lot of work goes into that I know glad you had a two week break.

  9. Goodness, that's alot of heavy work baling/hauling that much hay.It's great that you have it ready to use when it's needed.
    "67,200 little yellow balls of fluff" ~faints dead away~ Wow! That's like a overdose of cuteness. I can imagine the din of singing their chirping makes. Earplugs anyone? lol
    Aw, now I want a baby calf. What a sweetie she is. I remember the days of feeding calves. What's your baby's name? She's such a cutie-pie.
    I love your pretty kitty cat. She/he is beautiful, look at that luscious soft fur.
    I'd be worn out from hugging all your cute critters.
    Here's wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.

  10. You have been one super busy one.
    I love to see the big round bales of hay in the fields surrounding me.
    Baby chicks, they are adorable and grow so fast.
    Also remember the baby calves that I fed with a bottle
    almost 40 years ago.
    So many memories :)
    Something from you I was saving
    using everyday because of deep pockets.
    Need them for phone :)

  11. One thing for sure ........farm life is a busy life. Hope you are not to tired to put that needle to thread when you can! Love the baby calf!

  12. Farming life, busy life.....farmers wife..........busy wife........right? So glad the calf is doing well on the bottle.

  13. I haven't blogged in forever but just happened to wander by to see how you are doing. Hasn't this been the strangest summer this year. Glad things are going well on the farm. Never ending work, isn't it?