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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


seems to be the perfect descriptive word for the month of February and the beginning of March.  Can't even see the mountains (this is just a hill) and I think I've only seen the moon two times since the new moon.  We've had a little snow, enough to make the ground a sloppy mess to trek through while doing the feeding.  But, we've lived with it, knowing full well that it won't be long until we're wishing for rain and cool summer breezes.  "Que sera, sera!"

The Farmer had asked for extra time out before getting chickens again, to give his leg time to recover.  (By the way, it's o.k. now.)  I think "they" gave us two or three extra days, just long enough to make me want to retire, so yesterday we filled the houses again.  (You're saying, "Oh no! not another picture of chickens!")

There were twins this week; what a cold, cold time for babies.  I don't see how people can raise cattle in the northern states where it is so much colder.  We have them in the barn with their mother.  (Terrible picture of them :(; too dark inside the barn)

This morning the Farmer sent off a load of hay that was purchased last summer but only now being picked up; sometimes we wonder if we should have kept it since this winter more hay has been needed.  This load went up the mountain in all this fog.

So, there you have it: my life these days.  There have been some quilting projects tucked into a few hours most days that I want to tell you about; a wonderful Christmas surprise gift and a fun tradition my girls and I have going; some crochet work ~ just give me a few days to catch up.  Writing a blog post takes up so much time because I sit and wait and wait for the pictures to load. 

Until next time, be happy!


  1. I'm ready for some sun and warm weather - hope the chicky's make it through the cold spell ok - hopefully it will be the last!

  2. Aw, look at all those little chicks! So sweet! The calves are cute too. I'm ready for some warmer temperatures here, but I expect I will take whatever we get. Haha! Hope you have a nice week!

  3. So good to see you post.
    Yes, drab is a good word and I have more snow and ice arriving.
    Hopefully this is the end of Winter
    so ready for warmer weather and sun to shine.
    Please take care
    I would love to crochet again
    guess I need someone sitting beside me
    getting me started
    and that is not available :(

  4. I hope your colors will go from drab to beauteous soon.

    Happy crocheting and living life ~ FlowerLady

  5. Happy to hear from you and to know the farmer is doing better. The twin cows are so cute. The chickens are cute too. But, I imagine it is a lot of hard work for you. Happy you find moments to do some fun stuff. Look forward to seeing all your crafts. Hopefully warmer weather will arrive and stay with us all.

  6. Yesterday was drab here too. Very cloudy and overcast. I am glad the Farmer is doing better. The chicks and calves are so cute, but I know they are a lot of work. I look forward to seeing what you have been working on!

  7. So very nice to see you again. I'm glad the farmer is okay now! You guys are so busy, you put me to shame and we are the same age. :)

    Living in FL, I can't complain at all of course. However, it's been colder than anytime I can remember except in l989 when we were snowed in; all the bridges were closed for a couple of days.

    Take care, and have a happy day even though it's drab!


  8. Today is definitely a perfect day for needle, thread, and cloth. It wouldn't even be a bad day for chicken house work where it is snug and warm. Hard to imagine that the little hummingbirds will be here in about a month. Lucky you... another set of twins :-/

  9. I think that's why I like snow so much, as I hate looking at the DRAB dull sky and ground. But then you have such wonderful sights to behold with your chicks and calves. Ahhh. Babies are so sweet. Soooo glad the Farmer is doing ok. Keep up the sewing, as I imagine it brings you as much joy as it does the rest of us.

  10. We had more snow again Tuesday. Today the sun is actually shining and it's nearly blinding! So ready for spring. Love your chick photos.....and the baby calves too.
    Look forward to seeing your little projects.

  11. Take care
    I am always checking on you :)
    Drab here by the woods also
    and now 8 days of rain predicted.
    Be Happy to see the sun again...