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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer ~ 2015

In spite of a slow start, due to so much rain, we've had a busy and productive summer, and it goes on.

This has been the view from the back window of my office tractor several days this summer.  I've raked over 1000 bales of hay;  we still have two fields left to cut but will wait until these big chickens are gone.  There's always a worry to leave them on hot days when we go to the field, although we have a monitor that calls when the temperature rises, and a generator if the electricity goes off; we aren't too far away either.

All our hay is hauled, except 175 bales, and insured.  I hate to "put all our eggs in one basket", as the saying goes,  in  case of fire.  Should something happen to the hay, insurance money would help, IF we could find more to buy.

Two days were spent gathering in calves to send to market.  I like to work with the cattle; get right in there with them, and let the adrenalin flow.  

The garden was successful for the most part and I froze good things for next winter; now I will plant turnip green seeds and hope for one more thing to freeze.  We're going to miss the fresh tomatoes.

Not every day was spent in the field so I have worked in the sewing room too.  The flying geese quilt has been up for most of the summer, and the last border is now visible after working on it a few hours in the afternoons.  My left hand has a tremor that shakes the whole frame some days, thread just will not go in the eye of the needle some days, leaving me to wonder how much longer will I be able to do a reasonably good job on my quilts.  I don't need the quilts, but it brings me so much happiness to make them.

Isabelle needs new school clothes; I'll show you some of the ones I've made soon.

Summer sun is slower coming up over the tops of the pine trees now, and the chores must be finished not long after 8:00 p.m.  Mornings feel cooler but give way to hot afternoons, so we know the fall season will be here soon.

Have you had a good summer?



  1. Charlotte - I admire you guys and all that you do! I also like the back view from your "office". :)

    Summer here has been a lot of rain, and I wish it could have been spread out for the ones that really need it where the fires are. So sad.

    I'm sure Isabelle's school clothes are cute! :)


  2. I am always in awe at how much work is needed to run a farm. It amazes me all that you do. I bet your flying geese quilt will be beautiful, Charlotte. Everything you create is. I look forward to seeing what Isabelle will be wearing to school. :-)

  3. I hope you will be able to continue your love of quilting! looks like you have had a very busy summer and has been a good hay season.

  4. I figured ya'll were really busy this time of year.. It amazes me how you do so much and I hate it about your quilting and hope you can continue.. I'm in the same boat, haven't been able to do one in almost two years. Hope it slows down some for ya'll soon.

  5. Charlotte, you are such a talented lady. I am sure the stitches on your quilt will be just fine. My mother and my sister both had / have tremors and I may inherit it myself someday. I wish you very many more years of being able to create your masterpieces. I am sure Isabelle's new clothes will be great and I look forward to seeing your quilt and doll clothes.

  6. Yes, you are a talented lady, and your stitches always look perfect to me. "There's lots of work to do on a farm." (Dad) But, I know you and the farmer wouldn't have it any other way. As the Weaver said a few days ago, "Farmers don't retire. It's a way of life."

  7. Wow you've had a busy summer.
    I can just imagine the all the goodies you'll be making this winter from your garden harvest.
    I'm in awe of your finding time to sew at all. I'd be too tuckered out to do much after all the farm work. Working with cattle sounds enjoyable.
    I bet Isabelle will be the best dressed girl in her class. She's lucky to have a Mom who enjoys sewing and designing clothes and quilts for her.
    You're an amazing lady.

  8. Farming is a non stop, hurry up, oh that darn weather type of job, but it's so rewarding. Many of my patients that I work with who worked or grew up on farms are much healthier and have stronger muscles. So keep up the good work! Now on to those needles - yikes - sometimes I can't believe they make the eye so small! I know your stitches are perfect because they were done by your marvelous hand. Can't wait to see Isabelle dressed up. What fun!!! I'm having a great summer also.

  9. Seems you've had a very busy summer, lots of hard work but so rewarding. Fresh canned vegetables will be so good this winter. Anxious to see Isabelle's new school clothes and your latest quilt. So anxious for cooler weather..it'll be a while here on the Texas coast.

  10. This summer has been so extremely hot here where I live in Poland that reading about much rain is somehow refreshing.
    What a busy and great time you had.
    I am eager to see your flying geese quilt.

  11. You and the farmer have certainly been very busy this summer. I am anxious for too, it's my favorite time of year. I look forward to seeing the flying geese quilt. I agree, those needles have the smallest eyes!!!

  12. Think of you daily
    and check to see a post.
    Busy summer for you.
    I live in a farming community and so much activity.
    Missed my small garden, just could not do it, did plant
    a few tomato plants, green pepper plant, lettuce and have my herbs.
    Turnip greens, small patch for me, planted last week and already
    surfaced. Next week will plant more :)
    So many flowers did not do well
    but when you live by damp woods
    this is the way it is.
    I am suprised that for 4 years all did well.
    Please take care
    rest when you can.
    This one a little older then you
    and oh how I wish I could do what I could
    just 2 years ago...

  13. That's some lovely hay you've got there. I love driving down the road this time of year and seeing how all the local farmers have their hay all neatly arranged in rows.

  14. It has been a good summer here, not nearly as hot and dry as the last several summers. When we drive in rural areas, we are amazed at the bumper hay crops - much better than during our drought.

  15. I'm glad you've had a good summer. I know how hard work is on the farm especially putting up hay. The work never ends on the farm, but it's a good life. I love to see hay laying in the fields.

  16. I love to read about your busy life and it is so good to hear that you have had a bountiful summer. I hope you hand tremors calm down and don't give up on your sewing. I cant wait to see your quilt when you are finished!

  17. I hope you don't give up your sewing and that your hand will calm down. What a beautiful hard working and busy farm you have! Do get yourself some rest!

  18. You are one busy lady! I do not know how you do all you need to do on the farm. I hope the problem with your hand will not continue or keep you from seeing.

  19. A farmers' day is so busy. It seems there is always something to do and the day is never long enough. Your land looks beautiful and I am sure your quilt will be beautiful, too. You are such a talented quilter! Our summer started out dry, then we had a very long wet spell (seems it just didn't quit raining for ever so long), then another dry spell. It is nice now and feels like fall already.