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Monday, December 12, 2011

Just a Little Touch of Christmas Memories

Another re post:

The following is an excerpt from my book, In the Shade of the White Oak ...

"Up on the house top, reindeers' paws,Out jumps good ol' Santy Claus!"Charlotte was learning the words of a song to sing at the church Christmas program.

"It's not 'reindeers' paws'!" said Wanda. "It's reindeer pause! That means the reindeer are stopping on the housetop. Now try again."
There was excitement everywhere! Today Mama and the girls were going to town with Daddy as he went to work at the cream station. Wanda said Santa Claus would be at the courthouse. Charlotte had never seen Santa Claus in person, just in pictures.

The streets of Clarksville were bustling with shoppers. There were many little children, clutching their mothers' hands, waiting for a chance to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Charlotte wasn't sure she wanted to talk to him. "I don't think he knows me," she said. Mama took Wanda and Charlotte inside the Ben Franklin store to wait until time for Santa to come. Charlotte was speechless when she saw so many shelves covered with dolls of all sizes. She had looked at the dolls in the Sears catalog until the pages were frayed, but somehow it was different seeing them here on the shelves. She reached out to touch the soft, silky hair on one of the dolls. "Don't touch the dolls, little girl!" She quickly pulled her hand back and looked up. A salesclerk was standing over her, looking sternly. Mama took Charlotte's hand and led her around the end of the shelves to look at something else.
At ten o'clock people started gathering in front of the courthouse. Mama took Wanda and Charlotte across the street. "Wanda, you take Charlotte by the hand and go with her."
The line moved slowly; a few children were stopping to sit in Santa's lap. Charlotte decided she wouldn't do that! Some boys and girls looked too old to sit on his lap, and some were crying babies, too young to know why they were there.
Now Charlotte was standing in front of Santa. "Well, hello there, little girl," he said. "Ho! Ho! Ho! What would you like for Christmas? Maybe a baby doll or a tricycle?"
She turned from him and put her hand across her face.
"Maybe she wants a bundle of switches!" laughed a big boy.
Wanda frowned at him and said to Santa, "She wants a doll and some paper dolls, please." She tugged at Charlotte's sleeve and started to leave.
"Wait a minute," said Santa, "here is a bag of candy for you."
They walked quickly on through the courthouse and met Mama outside. "Well, what did you think of Santa Claus?" she asked.
"She wouldn't talk to him," said Wanda. "I guess that means she won't get anything in her stocking.".......

Do you remember having a visit with Santa?


  1. What a vivid memory you have!! When I read this it brought back memories of visiting Santa at the court house and of seeing all the beautiful dolls on the shelves at the Ben Franklin store. Christmas for kids today just 'ain't' what it used to be!

  2. I agree with chipbutter, although when I was growing up Christmas was probably closer to what it is now than what it was when you were kids. The toys are mostly cheap plastic, not made to be loved and cherished. They're "easy come, easy go" -- when it breaks, you just get a new one. I'm glad you remember a time when getting a toy was something special.

  3. I have no memories of visiting with a Santa Claus. I've always thought, though, that Santa might be a very startling and scary figure for a young child. As always, your stories are captivating.

  4. Oh I was terrified of Santa - probably never sat on his lap!

    (Your story made me smile: my son, Marshall's, dad and I owned the Ben Franklin store in our little town. It's closed now, and the building has been demolished. But I remember all those hectic Christmases in the retail business!)

  5. This story made me smile, Charlotte! You're such a wonderful storyteller... I could just imagine this as it happened...

  6. What a wonderful Santa memory........I love the way you write!!! Yes, I remember Santa visits well. I always asked for a new baby doll and a new set of play dishes. He always delivered! LOL. blessings,Kathleen

  7. For some reason your posts aren't showing up in my reader Charlotte. I thought I'd better check on you and find that I've missed several.
    I love these excerpts from your book - these precious memories of your childhood. You are a natural story-teller. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  8. Great post...I replied to youe email but I got a message it did not go thru..please let me know if you received it..Merry Christmas !

  9. What a good memory! I don't recall ever talking to Santa when I was a child; I was probably too busy looking at all the toys. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You do have a good memory. I don't know if I ever did that or not, probably not. But, I do remember as a teenager sitting on his lap and I have a picture to prove it.