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Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting Things Ready for Another Flock

We have about two more weeks before we get a new flock of baby chickens. We're going to be out almost a month so that has given Popa a chance to make things ready for the cold weather ahead. Of course that makes a long time between pay days. Today we have a crew on the farm putting a foam material in the ridge and along the foundation of the two older houses, hoping to block cold air from coming in. Not only will that make the chickens more comfortable, but it will help to keep from using so much fuel for the heaters.

Two days ago this semi-load of propane was delivered; do the math for that, and you can see why we're trying to save fuel!

While I'm on "vacation", the spider web quilt gets a little more done on it each day. I may just forget how to raise chickens ;).



  1. I couldn't find your post on friendship quilts but I especially like the embroidered blocks. And....
    I was just like you - hated going up East Hill in a standard shift. I hope you have a great, restful weekend

  2. Sounds like you're almost ready for the cold and the chickens. I'm with you on saving fuel..It is so high, we use Propane Gas and my how expensive it is.. Let's hope for a mild winter.. hope you ahve a great weekend..Susie

  3. I can feel your pain on those fuel costs. We had to get a new heating unit put in about two years ago. The new one is much more efficient...we save about $100 a month. It will take a lot of months to replace the thousands we had to pay for the new unit! :)

  4. This is kinda' strange communicating on last posts...lol. I wanted to let you know that I read your friendship quilt post and loved it. You have some cherished heirlooms. I bought my Grandma the Little House series then I got them when she passed. We took my aunt and uncle to her museum up past Springfield and thought it very interesting.

  5. Praying all goes well Charlotte. It is so interesting - all of the things you write about - the life you live. I picture you working quietly on your quilt. Enjoy these days friend.

  6. Where ever you are - peace.
    Chickens - I miss having them.
    Years ago my youngest daughter and I raised some. Wonderful having your own eggs. Now we only had 12 :) They all had a name...

  7. You are lucky to have propane, even though it is expensive. We have total electric, which can zap us and now our heating compressor is out an on order, so we have to use emergency heating on it. Which will be costly...........and wouldn't you know......we got a heavy snow last night. I tried to comment on your kitty post, but could not find a comment gadget. So cute though! blessings,Kathleen

  8. Yep I can see why your trying to save-YIKES thats a lot of fuel-and a lot of money : )