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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Is It?

Do any of you blogging friends know what this little glass object is called? At first I thought it was made to hold a pincushion because I had seen something similar in a quilting magazine, and it was obviously made to hold something. Could it be a salt cellar? The salt cellars I viewed online were a lot larger than this. It looks like something that came in Quacker Oatmeal as a premium. Or, is it just an ordinary "what-not'?

This was the view from our back porch this morning. Around noon it started to rain; we got three inches by the time it was over. That's the most we had had since the end of May. Now the pond is finally full. The tree colors must be at their peak.


  1. We have had three evenings of rain in a row. I love sleeping in rain. The sound of rain on the roof is so calming and peaceful to me.
    Glad you are getting enough to replenish your pond.\
    Your glass slipper looks a lot like one I showed on a few months back... except yours looks like it's on wheels... is it a roller-skate-slipper?

  2. I love the views of the fields and sky. Even with an impending storm or after, there's something soothing that beckons to go a running with a kite across it laughing and enjoying the countryside.
    You glass shoe reminds me the collectables called the 'Right' shoe. They've been around for hundreds of years I think.I agree with GardenofDaisies. It does look like a roller-skate-slipper. lol

  3. So good you got the rain. There is just something soothing and comforting about a soft, good soaking rain. Love the beautiful view! Is the slipper maybe just a pretty vase for clipped rose buds? Love it! blessings,Kathleen

  4. What a blessing to have all that rain Charlotte!
    The colors are just lovely. I do love this time of year.
    I am no help at all on the little glass slipper, but it is really pretty!

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! So glad you had rain!
    I'm not sure about the item in your first picture. To me, it just looks like a what-not...?

  6. So glad you got the rain. The slipper reminds me of the ones Fenton makes, but they are not on wheels. I have never seen one on wheels.

  7. Hmmm-I don't know what it is.

    Love the views : )

  8. Did you find out what your glass slipper skate is?
    I love your landscape and the colors, so nice to have them.

  9. Love all of your beautfil photos! Your little glass slipper on wheels is Fenton glass. My mom has a couple of them that she bought at the Fenton factory years ago. You can google "fenton glass slipper on wheels" and they will pop up. I just love Fenton glass and my mom has a house full of it.