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Friday, November 4, 2011


Are you old enough to know about what-nots? That's what we used to call little ceramic or glass figures (aka dust collectors). You may recall your grandmother having a collection of these little objects sitting on a table or shelf, or maybe on a corner rack such as this:

This one is filled with my collection of little what-not piggies.

I just happened to think of the word "what-nots" this morning and wondered if anyone uses it anymore. Do you have what-nots and if so, how do you display them?



  1. I have some but not as many as I used to, they are scattered though out on bookshelves collecting dust! A friend of mine who died sometime ago always called them "chotkees" (I know I am spelling that wrong but haven't a clue :) it is pronounced a lot like it looks. I think it is Polish but I'm not sure

  2. I have so many what nots I had to pack some away. I wrote a poem about them one time. It was about how I am the only one around my house that breaks everything. It is the truth too..but that's not the reason I packed them away.. I just didn't have room for them. I've always called them what nots...

    I'll try to post pics of some quilts when I get another digital camers. Mine finnaly died on me.. I miss it so bad.. My quilts could never in a million years compare to yours.

  3. Oh my the what-nots I have had and loved. Gradually slipped away. Mama had such a collection of little lamps and lanterns - everywhere. And they were dust collectors for sure.

  4. What-nots, yep, that's straight from my youth too.
    I enjoy your photo of your collection of fun little piggy figurines.
    I have several what-nots displayed on the bookshelves my husband made for me. :)

  5. Charlotte, how refreshing to here what-nots...I still say what-nots and tickled to know you do to!

  6. I have what-nots in lots of places in my house. And I'm not a diligent duster or homemaker. I find I am becoming more like my mother who never was interested in taking on what-nots because she said it was just something more to dust. Most of my what-nots are packed up now as I'll be moving. I have a feeling I might leave them packed for a while. I really don't miss them!

    A friend of mine calls what-nots "goo-ga's". I'm not sure how she'd spell it. But, I like the term. And, your pigs are precious!

  7. Oh, yes, I remember that term. AND, do you know what we called that shelf????
    "A what-not shelf!" (true!)
    My dad used to make those shelves. Wish I still had one that he made.

  8. My grandmother loved her what-nots; she even built her own what-not shelf with some plywood and spools. She saved those wooden spools and glued them together to make the posts the shelves sat on. Don't know what happened to it when she died. I don't have many in my house; just a few for sentimental reasons. Pottery, however, is a different story. . .

  9. I have lots of what-nots! I love those corner shelves, I have one of those, too. Plus I have the other pretty ones. Remember the ones shaped like a sliver of a moon with the stair case going up it? I have one of those that used to belong to Charley's mom. I have salt and pepper shakers on it. Of course, you know I hate to dust.

  10. I am old enough to know what that means. I love all your piggies and the gorgeous whatnot shelf!! I collected piggies as a girl and still have all of them, although I only have a few displayed...most are stored in a box at the moment.