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Monday, February 13, 2012

Farm Wife ~~ Monday

These are the little twins; I've named them Pete and Repeat since they look so much alike. They've been turned out into the pasture with their mother and try to eat from the big troughs with the other heifers.
It's snowing here this morning; the cows have gathered over close to the fence row that is lined with cedars, waiting for their hay. I think snow is pretty, and I like to see it falling, but I do always feel sorry for the livestock. I just had to get out in it for a while to feed the cats at the barn and look things over. So far it hasn't been cold enough for the ponds to freeze over.

Now I'm going to quilt; maybe in a few days I'll have something to show for my time. Hope you're having a good winter day.



  1. The snow is beautiful on the farm, but like you, I always worry about the animals being cold. No snow here but very cold for a little while. The weather man said it would be in the sixties by Thursday.

  2. the snow is pretty, it just stopped here I wonder if we will get the rain in awhile as the map looks on the weather channel - if we do I hope it warms up a little, we are still under freezing.

  3. No snow here but we're expecting it tonight..love your calves..Stay warm..Susie

  4. I love it Charlotte - Pete and Repete!!
    I can just imagine you tucked cozily indoors quilting. Can't wait to see what you do.

  5. The twins are really growing and looking good. It was a perfect day for "needle, thread, and cloth" to meet.

  6. Your images look like the farms as I drive to the small town.
    Way in the back of my mind - sometimes have the thought - I should have been a farmer's wife..
    Had chances but not the right one :)
    Love doing on a small scale what I do solo.
    Snow predicted last night and it did not arrive. Take care....

  7. Awww what sweet babies. I love their names. They're perfect for them. Pete and Repeat. lol So cute. I love calves. There like big curious kittens. ;)

    Brrr the snow looks so cold. Quilting sounds like just the thing to do. I look forward to seeing your progress of the project you're working on.

    Wishing You & Your Husband A Very Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

  8. Ooooh~ it looks so cold there, Charlotte! We've had a mild winter but the last couple of days we've paid for it because it has been very cold.
    Pete and Repeat are adorable- how do you tell them apart? *grin*

  9. What a wonderful looking herd you have. I just love those names!

  10. So cute! I have a pete and repeat at my house too : )