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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Attempt at Becoming a Movie Star

Do you watch movie stars on the red carpet to catch a glimpse of their dazzling gowns and shiny jewelry? I'm not much interested in that sort of thing; somehow I don't think I'd get very far in a dress with a long tail dragging behind me; neither would I want that kind of life.

When my first grade teacher made her way around the room, asking each child what he or she wanted to be when they grew up, I had no idea how to answer; when she gave me some suggestions, and a movie star was one of them, I said "yes" that's what I wanted to be. There had been very few times in my life when I had even seen a movie; maybe a western film on a Saturday afternoon, while we waited for Daddy to get off work at the cream station. Most likely there weren't glamorous women in those.

There was a picture of a pretty woman in a magazine I had seen and someone said she was probably a movie star. The thing that caught my attention in the picture was a beautiful brooch, or pin, she was wearing; diamonds, someone guessed, and the movie star was wearing it right . on . her . skin! This fascinated me!

Now sometime earlier, Daddy had brought home some things from Aunt Rhody's and there was a pretty pin included. (Uh-oh! You're getting ahead of me!) It looked like a diamond pin to me, but since it had a tight clasp with a prong on the back Mama thought it must have come off of a hat band or coat lapel. My mind raced whenever I made a connection between this pin and the one in the picture; I could wear this pin and be a movie star!

I pinched up a little spot of skin on the left side of my chest, hers was on the left side, and carefully put the pin over it and released the clasp. The sharp prong on the clasp dug into the tender flesh and pain radiated from the prick it made. It had to come off! But how could I opened the clasp without making things worse? Mama heard my squeals of pain and released the clasp. I didn't care to be a movie star anymore!

Maybe this is why I'm not symmetrical!

You know, I still wonder how the pin was attached to the woman!

Hope you've had a good day!



  1. Oh my, you had me smiling at this! Maybe the movie star had a sheer flesh color top on that made it look like it was just her skin? I was just curious as to what your mother might have said after rescuing you from pain? Such a cute story!

  2. *giggle* That was too funny, Charlotte! It's so cute how the mind of a child works, isn't it? *haha*

  3. LOL -- I've never heard that one. That's very sweet!

  4. That is such a cute story, I enjoyed it very much. ;)

  5. Oh bless your heart. I love kid-logic. Isn't it funny what silly and sometimes painful things we did as children to mimic something we saw. lol
    You're a star at our home:
    We had chicken the other night, Tyson chicken... I had shared your post and photos with my husband and he said hey this is the brand your friend grows. lol I said sure is. And I smiled thinking of you and your growing them to feed the millions of us omnivores out here. So see, you are famous at our home in the same sense as Betty Crocker is. :) Thanks so much. :)

  6. You make me smile
    this early morning.
    Have a good day
    my new friend.
    Who I have never met
    in person
    but through the heart.
    That is the best way :)

  7. Wow....I'm sure that was very painful - no wonder you decided that being a movie star wasn't the career for you!

  8. What a great story Charlotte. I can easily see myself doing the very same thing.

  9. Oh my Charlotte, the things we do as children - such a sweet story of innocence.
    My movie star awe was a book of Marilyn Monroe photos, I had no idea who she was at the time but wow she was beautiful. I never aspired to be a movie star either, I am much more down to earth.

  10. Oh how funny. How did I miss this post?

  11. Funny story but it had me wincing almost feeling your pain. I bet your mother was a bit nervous about removing the pin. Have a good weekend!------- Shannon

  12. Oh my, some of the things we do when we are little.

  13. Love your story! I was enthralled by high-heel shoes when I was growing up -so much that I asked my second grade teacher for a pair of hers. She had a tiny foot and wore really high heels! One day she gave me a bag and inside were some beautiful black heels! I was so, so proud and wore them playing house!