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Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest Post

Good afternoon, blogging friends. Mama Charlotte has allowed me to write the post for today; oh, by the way, my name is Mattie Louise and I'm a cloth doll. This is the way I looked when you last saw me:

with smudged, dark eyes, looking as though I had taken a terrible beating.

It happened quite by accident; whenever I was ready to have my face painted, Mama Charlotte drew my eyes with a blue, water soluble pen to have a guide for painting (she's not very good at painting faces!) Then when I was sprayed with a varnish, the blue pen marks spread onto my cheeks; she was so aggravated and threatened to take off my arms and legs and make a new head and body. Lucky for me, she just put on a new coat of primer and started over with another face. I forgot to pose for a new picture, but I looked presentable this time with a new dress and hand-me-down undies and black painted boots. I was ready to go to the retirement center to live with Auntie L.

I was put inside the cupboard and stayed in the darkness for weeks. Last Saturday we made the trip into town and surprised Auntie L. She loved me right from the beginning and took me into the dining room at noon. I sat in her lap! She put my little hands on the table and before long the other residents took notice of me. They held me and looked me over good and then one woman said, "I'll put her here in the pocket on my walker." Auntie L wasn't too sure about that, but said, "o.k., but you'd better not walk off with her!"

Mama Charlotte called the next day to see if I was homesick; I wasn't homesick one little bit! Auntie L put me in a chair across from her couch and says when she looks at me she feels comforted. I'm glad, because she is facing painful surgery in a few days and maybe I can help keep her depression away. Won't you please remember to pray for her?
Thank you,
Mattie Louise
Oh, and Mama Charlotte says to tell you this little quilt top has been quilted and is ready for the binding. It was made using the tutorial by Amy at www.duringquiettime.blogspot.com


  1. Dear Mattie Louise,
    What a delightful story. I am sure you will be a great source of comfort to Auntie L. Your sweet face will bring her great joy.
    Please tell Mama Charlotte she is a dear, sweet lady.

  2. Hello Mattie Louise, I enjoyed your story very much. I think you're beautiful. Give Mama Charlotte a big hello for me.

  3. Thank you Mattie Louise for this sweet story.. You are very beautiful in every way and tell Mama Charlotte for sharing you and her beautiful quilt with us..Susie

  4. Have you considered writing a children's book, Charlotte? This is wonderful - and so is Mattie Louise! God is using your creativity to touch many!

  5. This is such a sweet story. I can only imagine how much the doll and your love means to your aunt.

  6. Oh what a grand Guest poster you are Mattie Louise. I know you're having a great time visiting with Auntie L and she's loving you so very much. Mama Charlotte is a wonderful lady to have made such a special present as you.:)

  7. Aw, Mattie Louse, I'm sure you will bring much comfort to Auntie L. And please ask Mama Charlotte to take a picture of you the next time she visits Auntie!

  8. Mattie Louise thank you for sharing with us, I'm happy to hear about your wonderful new home.
    I've missed visiting with your Mama Charlotte and always appreciate her online visits to me.

  9. Awww.... thanks for telling your story, Miss Mattie Louise~ you've got me all misty-eyed thinking about what a wonderful companion you will be to Auntie L.

  10. Oh dolly, you just look like me when I'm trying to wash my face at night, and the mascara ends up all over my face. (I need to learn to use eye make up remover first.)