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Friday, March 2, 2012

Prescribed Fire/Controlled Burning

This week, the forestry service has been conducting controlled burning, or prescribed fire in the Ozarks forests. There are around 300,000 acres burned under control in Arkansas each year. The wind has carried the smoke toward us, making the skies gray, the air filled with the smell of burning brush, and the sun took on a brilliant red color at sunset. Even the sunlight coming through the windows looked brown on the floor.I think anyone with breathing problems would have to stay inside. By the burning of brush, vines, leaves, and excess logging debris, the threat of severe fires, that kill valuable trees or pose a threat to personal property or human safety, is reduced. Wildlife habitat is improved by increasing the food supply of fruits, nuts, and grasses. When small, low-value trees are removed, plant competition and forest floor litter are reduced, allowing for better germination of seeds. The values of recreational activities, hunting, hiking, and wildlife viewing, are increased.

Fire always scares me, but if it's controlled, it can be a good thing.
Have a safe, happy weekend,



  1. You're right up there close to it aren't you? Take care.

  2. I hope they're finished. :( I know it's a good thing...it takes the place of the natural fires that used to do the same thing. But it sure does make for some yucky air when the wind is blowing our direction.

  3. Hey Charlotte, not much fun with all the smoke about but certainly better than danger of wildfires.......
    We had terrible bushfires here back in 2003. It was soo smoky that it looked like we were in a real pea souper of a fog in the middle of Summer.. Very unpleasant but I would imagine it was Winter ( my favourite season) to help me get through it. Almost felt claustrophobic, I longed for clear air and visibility.
    Controlled burning is definitely a good thing.

    Claire :}

  4. Oh, I think that would scare me too.

  5. Fire always frightens me also.
    Something I cannot control if it happened in dry times in my woods.
    I have 4 piles of limbs and sticks I have picked up over time and want to burn them while the ground is still damp.
    When I am ready it is too windy
    or it rains :)

  6. I so agree. Being out here in west Texas there is a burn ban. It would be so nice to be able to burn off the grounds. It is just too risky. Hope the air clears up soon for you.

  7. I hope they don't get out of control. Fires are dangerous.

  8. It's scary to see the ominous billows of smoke in the background. I'm glad you all know what it is and wasn't in danger.
    I'm glad they're able to control possible fires by having controlled fires.
    Take care and have a lovely week! :)

  9. The forest service has been burning here too-and the smoke has been drifting my way too LOL

  10. Fire is scary to my inner child even though it has its purposes. Better to clean out then have the wildfires I know but...