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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Dog

It's been about two weeks since we first heard about the dog, apparently left on the isolated part of the road we live on.  It was assumed he was a Pyrenees sheep dog because of his appearance.  He must have checked out all the farms between the drop-off and our farm; there were other chicken houses, and even a farm with sheep, but for some reason he kept on the move until he found us.

Now I'm no lover of dogs (see my post for Feb. 13, 2011, A Terrible Emptiness) and it has been several years since we have had one.  So I ignored this dog, hoping he'd move on, but finally fed him; after all, he didn't seem at all interested in the cats,  just their food.  I thought he was an old dog, but the men said his teeth seem like the teeth of a younger dog; that squashed my hopes that he wouldn't be here that many years.  He adopted us, mostly me; we had no say!  With a full stomach and a cool porch to rest on, his manner has changed: he chased one of the cats and now they have no place where they feel safe to eat.  Well!  that did it for me!  He annoys me: always drooling on my jeans,  following me every time I leave the house, running right in front of the Kubota and I can just imagine the ticks he's going to drop off in the yard!

So, he's just The Dog, no other name, and maybe, if he saves my life sometime, I'll come to like him, but not for now.  Sorry...



  1. Oh, Charlotte, perhaps you could find him a home somewhere else?? I agree about dogs: they're smelly, they're drooly, etc., etc. But when they start messing with the cats, that's the last straw!!
    Good luck!

  2. Finally......another non-lover. I can take them or leave them but would rather they be somewhere else. Kinda' don't want responsibility for them.
    Although he is a fine looking dog

  3. He is a pretty dog, too bad he aggravates the cats. If I was close I would take him, I am such a dog lover. Read your meassage on my post and went straight away to my Bible and read John 17. It is a beautiful prayer and this chapter should be read often.
    Have a great week !!

  4. Do you have an animal shelter close by to take him? Or maybe a family with children would want him. Hope it works out for you and Dog!

  5. I do love dogs Charlotte, but I can certainly understand how you feel. My husband feels exactly the same - so no dogs for us.
    Maybe someone else will come along who would love to have him. He is pretty!

  6. We are dog people...they can be aggravating sometimes but they can also be your best friend and protector. "Your" looks so sweet and it obvious he really loves you Charlotte.

  7. But he looks like such a nice dog. I think it just takes longer for people to fall in love than it does dogs. I would live in a lonely world without my Nell.

  8. I know what you mean, Charlotte- although I love MY dog, I don't want anyone else's dog coming through here... I've lost too many chickens that way.

  9. Charlotte
    he loves you :)_
    All the dogs I have had
    when living in the country
    - including now - have been dogs that someone left off.
    that the Lord sent them to me
    as companions.

  10. He's a handsome fellow. I go long with the others on you finding him a new home. It's possible he got lost and his family is looking for him. You could place an ad in the newspaper and see.
    Meanwhile, God sent him to you all and even though he's annoying, I figure you'll keep him fed until other arrangements can be made for him a new home.
    Sending you positive thoughts.

  11. Maybe you could name him Hobo or Lonesome, since that is what he seems to be. I do not want any other dogs if I were to ever lose my Sophie. They take more looking after than cats. Hope it all turns out well.

  12. OH that dog. He's so cute. Roger would probably try to take him in his car. I am fine with him up there.