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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Fruit of Our Labors

We were up bright and early this morning to load cattle to sell.  A truck from the livestock auction came to pick them up.

We are in a very dry spell drought and the pastures are getting very low on grass for the cattle to eat.  We're already feeding hay that we have just baled.  We have a small area to bale this afternoon and that will be it until we get some rain and the grass can grow again.

It was a little sad this morning, for in that load was Mead, the calf I fed on the bottle last year.  I couldn't see him mixed in with the others; maybe it was best, but I would have told him "Goodbye and you'll have a good pasture somewhere else." 

And in case you're wondering about The Dog, well, he was right there this morning, barking at the calves and even went inside the truck and had to be run out!  Some have suggested that God sent him to me ~ no, surely not, unless it's to try my patience.



  1. sorry you have had to sell some of the cattle - I think we could say we are in a drought - I'm surprised I haven't seen any mention of burn bans county by county - have you?

  2. Yeah, we are so dry here as well. Grass is dry and crunchy already...and we had a rainy spring. Hope we get rain for your grass soon.

  3. well I take back what said - on the way home from town today I saw that we have a burn ban posted on the sign about a mile from our house that the fire department puts up.Karen

  4. I just love reading your posts about your farm life. I can identify with some of it since my husbands's father and brothers raise cattle. I hope you get rain soon; it's beginning to get very dry here in Louisiana, too.

  5. You brought back memories of when I started out on my own in the old farmhouse. Bottle fed some baby calves and eventually had 16.
    Quite an accomplishment for One Woman. I can still hear their cries as they were loaded in the trucks and taken to be sold.
    I cried and cried. They were my pets...

  6. Oh Charlotte, I hope you and Whitey (my name for the dog) become good friends. Sorry about Mead, it's so easy to connect with animals...

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about the drought Charlotte. We've had some rain but are back in a bit of a dry spell right now. I will pray for both of us that the Lord will send us the rain we need.
    Oh that dog.... I have a feeling there is something special for you there. We shall see.

  8. It must have been sad to let your bottle-fed calf go.
    Hoping for rain for you soon!

  9. When we were kids, Mama and Daddy warned us not to love the animals too much. Of course, we all did. We even loved the chickens! Always a bittersweet day when they were loaded to sell. Love your blogs!

  10. I hope it rains soon! I love reading about your farm life. This post reminds me of sending off our cows when I was a child, it was rather sad because they had names and we'd raised them from when they were small.
    The Dog saga continues, dogs can be so annoying!