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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dry Weather

Our hillside pastures have very little grass left for the cows to eat; we are in a very dry pattern.  We've had no rain to speak of in several weeks, and there'll be no more hay to put up until the grass gets moisture to make it grow.  Each day we're feeding some of the hay we've put up this season, making the supply dwindle down.  The ponds are low, and the creeks have only pools of water here and there.  Two loads of calves have been sold, and we may be forced to start selling cows if it stays dry.  But, we'll make it; this is just a part of being a farmer.  God will see us through.



  1. Sorry to hear of your trouble with the dry weather. Blessings..

  2. So sorry to hear this, hope you get rain soon..We've actually had to much this spring here..Today is the first day we haven't had any this week..I would sure send some your way if I could..I'll be oraying for rain..

  3. I am praying for you Charlotte. It was so devastating for the farmers and ranchers here last summer, and it isn't looking promising right now (although we have had some good rains over the winter).
    I know that God is good and that He is in control. I know that is your heart too. We will pray together and trust.

  4. I just cannot believe how dry it is this early. No one has green grass anymore and every pasture I passed between Clarksville and London was brown. We did get rain but it soaked right up. It will rain...someday

  5. This is so sad. I can't imagine how unsettling and dire times like this must be for you all.
    Bless your hearts and bless the hearts of your animals too.
    My positive and rainy thoughts are with you all.
    Your cartoon gave me a good chuckle. :)

  6. Charlotte, so sorry. Here in Northern Tennessee it is fine so far. A dry summer is predicted.
    Only bad thing I have now
    is the beetles are eating everything.
    Thinking of you....

  7. I'm so sorry, Charlotte.... it's times like these I wish we lived closer so I could share hay with you!
    Most people understand how bad droughts are on gardens and yards but a lot of people don't realize how tough it can be when you have animals...

  8. Hoping for some rain for your area soon, Charlotte....

  9. Hey Charlotte,
    I made you a special post to answer the question about how I use round squash.

  10. We got a little rain this morning and more on the way, at least that is what is predicted. I will be praying that rain will come your way.

  11. I know how you feel. We have gotten rain, but we need more. Love the cartoon!

  12. I am surely wishing I could send you our rain. It is difficult to watch the land be so dry, so much struggle because of it. I am thankful that you and yours are resourceful as you are.