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Monday, July 2, 2012

Kitty Love

I've found three litters of farm kitties, all put in places picked by their mothers:

behind the hydranga bush,
beneath the bulldozer,
and in the barn.

Two are white with gray noses, ears, and tails,  others are gray tabbies, or gray with white noses, and some are black or blue-gray.  This little white kitten has long, soft hair; she (?) is small and frail.  I put feed and fresh water out for them; the hot weather makes it very stressful for them I'm sure.  So far, The Dog ignores them, as long as he gets his own dish of food.  Stray dogs are the ones I have to watch out for.

I love little kittens; they make a farm happy!


  1. And, this post makes me happy...love those kitties!

  2. It was impossible to get good pictures because the kitties are too afraid of me. I did pick up the little white one once.

  3. I love cats - I just don't want them now because of the off and on travel - I sure don't want one in a small camper!

  4. The Dog, huh? Still not loving enough to name? The last little kitty almost looks like a fox. Kittens are cute and fun.

  5. Oh I love kittens, Can't have one at my house unless it's a house cat..I live on a busy road..Hope you have a nice week and holiday...Susie

  6. They are so sweet. I had forgotten about the dog Charlotte. I hope he's behaving himself these days :-)

  7. So do they all have tails? I was hoping Bear was the daddy!

  8. I do love kitties, we have 3 indoor/outdoor cats - they keep our property clean of vermin.

  9. How cute are they? I just love babies!