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Monday, October 1, 2012

Failed Experiment

I don't know when I first learned that glass could be melted; perhaps there were pictures in a science pamphlet Wanda had brought home from school.  I was amazed, and wondered if I could melt glass.

I had a little piece of broken glass, and while Mama was busy, I took the box of matches from the kitchen and ran down to the hen house.  If I worked on the east side of the hen house, she couldn't see me.   After the glass was placed on a rock, I carefully took out a match, struck it; the flame went out, as it did several more times.  Finally the weak flame inched its way up the match stick and I held it under the corner of the glass; nothing happened.  As the heat from the flame came closer to my fingers I had to blow it out and start over.  Two, three, four, five matches -- still not a sign that the glass even thought about melting!  My experiment had failed!

So I gathered up the box of matches and went back to the house.  Now to go up the steps, carefully open the screen door, step inside, and -- I tripped a little bit, dropping the matches which scattered on the floor.

Mama came quickly and of course wanted to know why I had the matches and then told me what a dangerous thing I had just done.  "You could have set the hen house on fire!"  Punishment?  I'm sure there must have been!  My guardian angel was getting to know me, and oh how many more times would she have to save me from my experiments in life?



  1. Oh dear!!!! Yes, that could have been dangerous.

  2. That's a good one.. Sounds like something I have done.. It's a good thing those guardian angels were there for us both..

  3. I can just picture you out by the hen house. Haven't we all done those sorts of things? I'm so glad the Father watches over us!
    Thank you for your note. I appreciate everything you said, and I'm going to work on a few things. It helps - it really does!

  4. Oh dear I hate to think of how many of us played with matches. So thankful we all had angles to watch over us.

  5. You were curious. You just wanted to know what would happen. I bet you loved science in school, too. When my best friend's son was a little fellow, he decided he wanted to know why everyone said you could not put metal in the microwave. So he snuck into the kitchen when no one was looking and put a pan in there and turned it on. That microwave started throwing sparks and the whole thing caught on fire and melted down before his screeches brought my friend running with a fire extinguisher. Her kitchen (and whole house) came pretty close to burning down that day.

  6. To be curious is a good thing--I'm just glad you took the matches outside!

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  8. I would imagine that just having Grandma say you had done something wrong would have been punishment enough! LOL I only remember her ever getting stern with us one time, and oh, I felt like I had done something just awful!

  9. Such a sweet story...........and thank goodness for your gaurdian angel!

  10. Aw....I'm glad you didn't start a fire...or burn yourself. Yes, your Guardian Angel was watching over you that time, for sure!

    Cute story from your childhood!