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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quotes From Farm Wives

"I have done all the usual things -- chickens, garden,canning, cooking for hired men and so forth.  I have also milked, picked corn, shocked grain and run nearly every machine used on a Western farm.  We have dried out, drowned out, hailed out and burnt out.  Always we drew together, looked in each other's eyes and whispered, "Tough!  But we have each other and the children.  We'll make it."
                                                                       Mrs. W. R.
Hutchinson County, S.D.
"...I have learned that true happiness is best found in doing real God-service.  This the farm woman finds in raising fowls, making butter, curing meat, planting a garden, canning, drying and preserving.  I find real joy in doing these worthwhile things that need to be done because the world needs the fruits of my labors."
Mrs. M.H.M.
Charlotte County, Va.
"... of all the restless world, we, from the beauty and tranquility of the country, the knowledge of our use to the world and our independence, have in our souls the peace and content that money cannot purchase.  That surely is a wonderful gift."
Mrs. I.G.
Sauk County, Wis.
These quotes were taken from the book, The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt, Letters from 1920 farm wives.


  1. Are you going to make the Farmer's Wife quilt?

  2. No, I really don't plan to; however, there are some really pretty blocks in it.

  3. Regarding your post on Kristie's blog about her treadle: It is a very simple matter to remove the motor and add a treadle belt. Some machines were manufactured to both treadle and run with electricity--it was just a matter of switching from the short belt to the one that goes around the treadle wheel. (A couple of loosened screws--that's about it.) Treadle belts still available at most sewing machine stores ($8-12). There are other options too.

  4. These quotes are wonderful Charlotte.

  5. Much food for thought here. Dad always told me to be "tough"...have thought of that so many times lately. Beautiful fall picture!

  6. Charlotte, these words beautiful.
    Yes, peace and contentment
    money cannot buy.
    Take care....

  7. My grandmother was a farmer's wife. We can't begin to know how hard their lives were....

  8. I love all of these.. They have such a deep meaning..

  9. These were all wonderful, Charlotte! I especially loved the last one....

  10. I grew up on a farm so I really appreciate these quotes. So true.