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Monday, March 25, 2013

Interesting Ads ~ My! How Times Have Changed!

I had a nice visit by telephone with Auntie L yesterday afternoon.  You might remember that I gave her one of my dolls, Mattie Louise, last year just before she had surgery.  She had cancer on the side of her tongue and I'm so thankful to be able to tell you it has been a year now, and so far everything is o.k.

In our conversation, she told me she had gone to Dollar General on Friday, without her walker, and by leaning on the cart she was able to buy things she needed in the retirement center.  She had first intended to take only $20 but then decided if she took $40 she would get back change to have for unexpected little things.  With her items in the cart, she went to the check-out, and after things were scanned, the bill came to $39 plus; she got back  forty five cents in change.  This worried her a great deal, wondering what she would have done, had the bill gone over the amount she took with her, for you see, she hasn't been out much in the past few years, and doesn't realize just how much prices have gone up. 

I'm afraid I'd be in the same position since the farmer does the grocery shopping here.  The following ads, from a paper published in the 1970s, tell us just how much times have changed:

See anything on there that you buy?  If so, compare the prices, now and then.  Some things that I took notice of were the prices of bananas, toilet tissue, shortening, potato chips...WOW!!  But, there is another thing we have to take into consideration: wages were much less in the 70s too.  



  1. I dug out an old recipe last week that was from a newspaper - from the early 1990's I believe (no date on the section I have) a 4 pound bag of sugar was on sale for about 89 cents if I remember right - what is it now about $3.00?

  2. I'm so thankful your Aunt is doing so well. Bless her heart, She had good instincts on taking more money, but it's so sad that it came to so much.
    I don't think I'll ever get used to the high prices. I understand the prices reflect the wages, but goodness golly it's too much sometimes.
    I like your clippings, they bring back fond memories of when folks still had a sporting chance of enjoying life some and also saving for retirement.

    Is the weather warming up any in your region?
    I hope you have a lovely week.

  3. Lawsy day how times have changed.. I'm glad she had enough, bless her heart.. We used to buy penny candy at the store and now a penny won't buy anything.. It's sad.. Hope you're not having snow like us.. Late spring here. take care.

  4. Times sure have changed. Even tho the pay scale is more these days I still think the cost of living has increased more than paychecks.

  5. Wow...tell Auntie L that the same thing happens to me every once in a while too! I don't have cash in hand, but it's the same thing with using a debit card. Can't go over what I have in my account!

    And aren't those prices something! But I know that back when Daddy bought the white Impalla, the car cost more than a year's wages, didn't it? And now most people earn more than a simple car would cost. But where does all the money go?

  6. It's fun seeing those old ads and seeing how different things are now. It doesn't take long at all to spend $40 at the store.

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  8. A 3-lb. can of shortening for 79 cents? Times HAVE changed!

    (I got the amount wrong the first time - that's why I had to delete it.) :)

  9. It is amazing at how much things have changed. But even with those prices way back then, it was still hard for folks to buy things.

  10. Glad your auntie is doing well. And I have to say: if she had "gone over" on her shopping trip, and I was behind her in line, I would have paid the difference for her!

  11. Such a huge different in prices, the first time I did my own shopping when I first moved out of my parents home - what a shock it was!!!

  12. Good grief! That is amazing!
    It's funny you said that about the wages, Charlotte... I remember my mother telling once about how cheap gas, milk, and rent were when she and my dad were first married and I said "WOW!" But then she reminded me that my dad only made about $35 dollars a week! *haha*