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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Circle of Farm Life

There's a small touch of spring in the yard, and the circle of the seasons begins again.

We get baby chickens tomorrow, so the circle of farm life begins again,

with an early, cloudy morning delivery of rice hulls and shavings for new bedding for the chicks. 
Things have come a long way since we started raising chickens, 41 years ago; we used to use a scoop shovel to push the shavings off the back of the truck, then spread them over the floor by hand.  Oh my! the next day we were very sore!  Now the new bedding comes in spreader trucks and we don't have to do all that hard work.
I'm always amazed at the skill men possess to be able to back the trucks into the houses; and it isn't always men who do this.  The wife of the man we buy the bedding from, backs in with just as much ease as the men.  Way to go!
And so, the circle of farm work continues.....


  1. I remember spreading shavings. Sometimes when I have trouble getting my kids to help with anything, I wonder how you managed to get us to work. I don't remember any threats, ha ha. Maybe we were just unique children!

  2. Lots of things have improved over the years and unfortunately lots of things have gone astray. I guess that is called the circle of life. I enjoy all the things that make our life easier but I sure miss the old ways too!!

  3. Sounds like a lot of work. Thank goodness the drivers can get in there and spread the shavings so efficiently.
    I'm happy to see your creeping-phlox in bloom, it's lovely and wonderful messenger that Spring has finally arrived in your region.
    Wishing you a pleasant week. :)

  4. Love seeing the colors of flowers; and green outside. We still have snow. Another storm weekend for us. Spring will come; we just need to be a little more patient. Best of luck with all the new baby chicks!

  5. Beautiful flowers! I'm ready for spring!

    It's amazing how much farming has changed over the years. Good luck with the new baby chicks. They are always so cute!

  6. You must be knee-deep in fuzzy chicks about now! I'm glad spring has made her way to you. The flowers arr lovely.

  7. The circle of life.. I love that.. I'm glad you're finally getting spring.. Good luck with the chicks.. I too, feel like we are kindred spirits and I have already met you.. with love, Susie

  8. Sounds like a lot of work raising chickens, but I would love to get some baby chicks and raise them. My mother loves chickens.
    Your flowers are beautiful. I'm ready for spring.

  9. Oh! I remember spreading shavings too! The pile started out so very tall. That may be where I learned a technique that I still use today when I'm doing something I don't really want to do, like restacking the woodpile or something: Every piece of wood that is moved is one less left to move, just like every scoop that was moved out of the pile was one less left to move!

  10. I don't know how you used to do all that back-breaking spreading, Charlotte... it wears me out just thinking about it! :) Sounds like you have some busy days ahead... don't work too hard. ((HUGS))

  11. How much I loved to read this! So wonderful! It is a lot of work!