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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Newspaper Clipping

There were several newspaper clippings in box I brought home with me after my mother's death in 1987.  Most were about her grand children's 4-H activities, wedding stories, etc.  A few days ago I took another look into the box and came across this small article about my Aunt Marie and her laying hen:

Our local paper has always been small, and women from different communities used to gather up news from their neighbors and have them printed each week.  I'm sure that's how this came to be printed; someone thought it was news worthy.
(Click on the article to enlarge it)


  1. *hahahahaha*
    This made my day, Charlotte!! :)
    I would love to read a paper with "news" like this any day instead of the all the bad stuff!

  2. Son is golfing
    I am checking computer
    after morning at doctors office.
    You make me smile
    thank you...l

  3. Ahahaha! That made me laugh! So cute! Thanks for the smile today. I hope you're having a good day.

  4. Hahahaha, good one.. I've never heard of a hen laying in a tree..Made my day too.

  5. I love it! ha ha. I would love it if they still did this now days.......we all need a little something different in the news! Don't you think?

  6. I love things like this, even if it isn't the top of the news for today!

  7. How neat! I love those small town newspapers.

  8. I miss the good old days where the community was actually apart of the news and where good humor could help bring a smile to your day.
    Thanks for sharing this fun clipping with us. :)