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Monday, September 30, 2013

Low-Hanging Limbs

All summer I mowed beneath these low-hanging limbs.  I had to bend low to keep leaves and sticks out of my eyes and many times my hat got pushed off my head.  I'm sure if someone saw me they wondered, "Why doesn't she just cut them off?"   But you see, I had a very good reason not to cut them:

they're full of pecans!  And I can reach them!  I think the tree has more on it this year than ever before, which surprised me after two years of drought.  Now, if Edgar Allen Crow and Squirrel Nutkin don't steal too many, there should be plenty for me to gather and have pecans for breads, cookies, brownies, salads...

I'd like to share a portion of a favorite read-aloud story by Alvin Tresselt, which is about the four seasons;  maybe you can find it in one of his books at your local library.  This will be about the fall season from the story, Now Is the Time:

"...now the warm days grow shorter, and the cool nights grow longer.
The trees have a tired, rusty look, and brown leaves gather at the gutters.
'It's time again,' say the mothers.
Time to get out warm clothes...
This is the time of leaf fall in the parks, and a faint tang of leaf smoke in the air.
Hard sweet apples in the markets, and golden orange tangerines again..." 


I've been asked of I drew the picture at the heading of my blog.  The answer is "No" but I wish I could draw that well.  Actually it is a picture from an old calendar.


  1. Love your new heading! Lucky you to grow your own pecans. YUM! I am trying to get a section of my garden switched over to the Garden of Eden method. Do you plant potatoes by digging down into the soil under the wood chips? Much to do before winter, isn't there! Nancy

  2. I love pecans! Those will make for some great baked goods. I would have left them to grow and not cut the limbs either.

    That is a cute picture from the calendar for your header. I like it too.

  3. pecans - love them - I think the drought affects so much we don't even notice sometimes

  4. I just bought pecans. You sure a lucky to have that tree! We are in a drought too.

  5. I understand not cutting the branches. Having the Pecans are worth it. Happy that you have a good amount growing this year! Enjoy.

  6. How nice for the good looking pecan crop! Pecans are delicious.
    Are you planning your October apron?

  7. The tree and area look so much like my Oklahoma Daughter's big tree the storm took down last year I think it was. Of course it was a maple, oak or some such tree. Enjoy those pecans - I love them.


  8. I hope you can get to the pecans before the critters do. The pecans seem to be quite large this year. The drought left us with some pleasant surprises.

    I also like your fall header and the poem.

  9. Awe, it must be so nice to have pecans in your yard. I love them and there's so many ways to use them. I don't blame you for cutting those limbs. I'm so happy ya'll are finally getting out of the drought. Take acre, Hugs.

  10. Oh, a pecan tree!!! You lucky ducky! :) I hope you beat the critters to them, Charlotte!
    (And your header picture is adorable, even if you didn't draw it!)