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Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Apron

Did you think I'd make it this far into the year posting an apron each month?  I've had so much enjoyment making these; it's almost sad to think there's only three more to go this year.

Made up in a brown cotton print for fall, the apron is very simple, a good one for a beginner to sew.  I learned to make one continuous strap which feeds through side facings, forming an adjustable neck strap and back ties, eliminating the need for ties at the neck.  I like that.

I used this 1971, well-worn pattern,
and appliqued the rooster to give it some character.  Don't you think he looks like the Kellogg's Corn Flakes rooster?
Just for fun, I'm adding a child's apron, made much the same way except it ties at the neck,
has a big double pocket, and is reversible.
This would be nice for helping in the kitchen, or for carrying crayons, etc.
This was a free pattern from
I bet you know a little girl who would love to have one of these, so dust off the machine and get started!  You have less than four months until Christmas!


  1. Cute aprons! I have intended to make some aprons like you describe with the continuous tie like you described, but I never have.
    I have made aprons for my grand daughter and she likes them and looks oh so cute in them too.

  2. Beautiful aprons. I have made some before but I'm quite rusty at it now but looking at yours makes me want to give it a try. They would make nice Christmas presents.. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Hope you have a nice Labor Day. Hugs, xo

  3. The rooster or is it a chicken is very nice on your apron! Do you keep all those aprons or what do you do with them? I find I wear my favorite one most of the time in the kitchen! Nancy

  4. Nancy, I just put them back and will use them as gifts, or overwhelm my daughters with them. I never wear an apron :)

  5. I sent a friend one of the apron patterns. The one your granddaughter modeled.

    She loved it.

    Love this one too.

  6. Darling apron...love the rooster. I think the farmer would like a denim one like this with a continuous strap. I would need the pockets...might need a place to carry MY crayons!

  7. I like the apron. Looks like a lot of detail work on the rooster applique. Love the little apron too. I checked out the website and I am thinking of giving it a try and making one myself.

  8. Charlotte, as always I love your aprons. You are giving me thoughts.
    Years ago I had a sewing machine
    and also crochets afgans.
    Can I learn again or just forget and continue what keeps me busy :)

  9. Ernestine, by all means! try it! With winter just ahead, it would be a perfect afternoon project. A pattern like this only requires hemming and straight stitching.

  10. These are so pretty! I love the rooster.

  11. Charlotte, you did a wonderful job with these. That does look like the Kellogg's corn flakes rooster! The child's apron is so cute too. Wishing you a happy Sunday.

  12. Oh, Charlotte~ I love them both but I REALLY love the one with the rooster!!! It made me squeeeal!! *haha*
    I meant to tell you once before but I forgot to, but I really appreciate you telling us which patterns you use because I've been able to find some of them for sale on Ebay. I even bought one of them! Thanks so much!! ((HUGS))

  13. Oh, Charlotte, I love your aprons. They are so colorful. Like Paula, I also like the rooster better. Both are very lovely.