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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Calming Work

I was a little stressed at times this past winter and found that crocheting seemed to calm me.  I like to make blankets for babies so I purchased four skeins of BERNAT Softee Baby yarn in these beautiful pastel colors.

The pattern was very simple: 2 double crochet, chain 2, and 1 single crochet, all the way through;  remember, I didn't want to be stressed by a difficult pattern.  It is a wonderfully soft blanket.

And what about the little cherub wrapped in the blanket?  She's a sweet rescued baby doll with the sweetest smile and a delightful laugh (when her hair is pulled).  She's the perfect size to wear my premature baby girl's clothes which I have kept for these 46 years.  Love her!!



  1. This made such a sweet baby blanket, great pattern and yarn. Hard to imagine a baby so small but I do remember my granddaughter was a preemie and I had never held or diapered a baby so tiny. So nice that you kept your daughters preemie clothes.

  2. I love to crochet and always looking for an easy baby something to crochet. Could you give me the pattern? Please--pretty please.
    jjmiller6213@comcast.net I make all my baby clothes out of the Bernat Baby Soft

  3. Your blanket is wonderful. I can just imagine a baby snuggled in it sweetly sleeping.
    Your crochet stitches are really pretty, so neat and tidy. I've never done that stitch, I'm going to give it a try soon. I love crochet. It truly is calming (and addictive.)
    Your babydoll has the sweetest face like a Kewpie doll. You did a good thing rescuing her. She's a keeper. It's awesome that she can wear your premi baby clothes. I imagine it brings back precious memories when you dress her in them.
    I hope you're having a great week.

  4. That blanket is so pretty! It looks soft and lacy, and I love the colors too. Cute doll baby!

  5. Your blanket is so pretty!!

  6. She is such a lucky little doll! First to be rescued by you and second to get the pretty clothes and crocheted blanket. I'm glad you rescued her.

  7. I love this pattern! And, I can just feel the softness.

  8. The blankets are so pretty! I am not a crocheter but if I review I think I might be able to do this pattern! Precious that your doll can wear the premature baby clothes. Nancy

  9. Oh, I can almost feel the softness of that little adorable baby blanket.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting today, and by the way, I was using a zoom lens to get the picture of the wild turkeys - we were a good distance away!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Charlotte, I do like that pretty afghan and it is similar to one I used on my babies, and I am ashamed to so I don't remember who crocheted mine, if it was my mom or her mom. I come from a family of hand workers and it is hard to keep some things straight.

    I know just what you mean about stress and having something to do that doesn't require concentration.

    I hope the bad stress is gone :)

  11. Oh my
    I want to crochet again.
    Did in the past
    and now have almost forgotten.
    Doing this years ago was so helpful to me - and know it would be again.
    Do you think I could learn again ?
    Love this pattern.
    Wish you were near...
    All your work
    is beautiful.

  12. I love this baby blanket. I wish I could crochet more, I got started, but wish I had someone to show me rather than just looking at books.

  13. It is so darling. I find that knitting does that for me Charlotte. There is something so peaceful about it.
    How are you? I've had you on my heart these days. Hope all is well. It must be a busy time for you - with the new chicks and all your other responsibilities.
    Thinking of you :)

  14. The blanket is so pretty, Charlotte. I like to crochet, too, but haven't crocheted in quite some time.

  15. Dear Charlotte,
    This afghan is so precious...I just love the colors and the pattern. Is it a pattern you can share? I've been giving my mom knitting and crocheting projects to do while she rests in the rocking chair each day...she would love something like this. She has a great granddaughter due in May...would make a lovely gift for her!

    And the doll...so sweet! I like to "rescue" dolls too!

    You are sooooo talented!

  16. I love the beautiful colors, and pattern of the baby blanket. The baby doll is very pretty, too. You are such a talented person. This brings back many memories.
    I hope you have a very Happy Easter!

  17. Can you please tell me how to do the calming work crochet blanket. I'm new to crochet. It's very pretty and I'd like to try it. Can you tell me for example chain this many, 2 double crochets, chain 2, one single crochet in the same stich or is it in all separate stitches? How many to chain up to get to the next row? Where do I put the first stitch after chaining? Thank you, any help is very much appreciated.

    1. Angie, thank you for your interest in this blanket. I'm looking for the pattern :( When I find it I will post the instructions here on this page. You know how it is; the pattern was always right with my yarn, and now that I want it, I can't find it. :( If you are new to crochet, the ripple pattern is about the most simple pattern I know of, all single crochet. Again, I'll keep looking...

  18. Thank you, looking forward to it, per your advice I am trying a single crochet ripple. I have to keep a stitch market in the top of the ripple though or I start to mess up. Guess the old saying is true, practice makes perfect. Thank you for responding.

  19. I found it!!! Since you don't have an email address with your profile, I'll see how much this space will hold: Size: 25" x 34"
    Blanket:CH 100 Row 1: Starting in the 4th ch from hook work (1dc, ch2, 1sc) in same st, *skip 2ch, (2dc, ch2, 1sc)in next st*, repeat from *to* across, end (2dc, ch2, 1sc) in last ch. Ch2, turn. Row 2: Work(1dc,ch2, 1sc)in first ch-sp,*work (2dc, ch2, 1sc)in next ch-sp,*` repeat from *to*across. Ch2, turn. Repeat row 2 for pat until blanket measures 33 1/2". End off.

    Edging: Returning to ch foundation row join yarn and insert hook into sp between first and 2nd sts of first row and work *(ch2, 1dc,ch2, 1sc)in that sp*, repeat form *to* in each ch-2sp across first row. End off.

    Materials: 6 skeins baby yarn, crochet hook size I.

    I hope I have made no mistakes in copying this. It's easy to make but I did have some trouble with the edging. ??? Maybe I'm too dense. lol Charlotte

  20. Thank you so much, will give it a go! :)