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Monday, April 14, 2014

This and That

These little flowers may be the only blooming thing left in my yard by morning since we're under a freeze warning ~ on April 14th!  Even I'm beginning to complain!  The lilacs are just ready to open their buds, so I'm considering cutting them and bringing them inside to enjoy for a while at least.

As of 1:18 p.m. today, I am officially crowned!!  On two teeth that is.  These are the first crowns I have ever had and although it all went well, I don't beg to have another one.  A lot has changed in the way crowns are made and put on teeth.  I didn't even have to have an impression made, you know, with that "container" full of stuff that's put in your mouth and hardens to the point you think all your teeth will be pulled out when it's removed.  I dreaded that part, but instead the dentist took pictures of the teeth that would get the crowns and these were put into a computer thingy.  I thought he was stapling something on the teeth because that's what it sounded like.  Then those images were put into a computer machine thing which sculpted the new crown.  Isn't that amazing?? After an hour of "baking" the crown was ready, with no returning in a few days to have it put on.  They feel so smooth.

I'm really bad to let things bother me and I worry about something for days before the time for those things to happen.  So that was the worse part of the crowning process.  After the numbing swabs were put into my mouth, before the shots, and the assistant had left the room, I began shaking real bad.  Even up into my chest and shoulders.  The thought crossed my mind, maybe I'm having an allergic reaction to the stuff.  But in reality I think this is the way a panic attack affects me because I've had this happen before when I'm under stress.  So I took a few long, cleansing breaths and thought myself through it with the help of God.  By the time the dentist came in I had calmed down.  Very aggravating!!

Do you remember the kitten I couldn't reach to take down from the top of the stock trailer?  I figured I'd never see her again, and then one day, there she was, an adolescent, with her mother.  I fed her, gradually was able to pet her while she ate, and soon was able to pick her up.  Now she absolutely loves me!  If it weren't for these dogs (grr-rr) I'd bring here home with me for an inside cat.  But since she would have to stay inside ALL the time I won't do it.  She has even tried to follow me home a time or two from the shed.  Food does wonders doesn't it?

Enough said for today I think.  The farmer is buying some thread for me this afternoon so I can work on the next hope chest item.  I may fall behind on this project when hay season starts.  Of course we've got to have some warmer weather so the grass will grow; we're still feeding hay!

Have a good evening,


  1. Hi Charlotte! Isn't this weather something else? We're looking at a low of 38, WoW, that might set a new record for us here on the Texas coast. I know about crowns, had one today too. I told the nice dental assistant that it is nothing personal but I hope I don't see her for a long time!! We both laughed.

  2. wow I just had a crown put on a tooth last month and it was still done the old way and had to go back two weeks later to get the new one! Maybe he will change methods soon too - one can hope.

  3. Are we related? I start the crown process this Wednesday. The last one I had--2 years ago--was amazing because of all the digital/computer thingy and no impressions, BUT--I had to have a root canal first, which puts me into absolute and total fear!! Now--I just get so shaky and panicked that the dental chair sometimes shakes from my heart beats--just panic attack symptoms for sure. I'm not really scared (too much) this time, but--EGAD--dread all the noise from the drill!!!

  4. I have so many crowns and had never heard of the way you had the impression made. Hoping if I have to have any more they will do that now. I also shake when things like that happen to me. Usually don't do that too much at the dentist office though. Will look forward to your next hope chest project! Nancy

  5. The dandelions are a tough little plant. I don't know anything about lilacs, but you may be right to bring them in so they can bloom without freezing. We're in Dogwood winter and our temps are forecast for low to below freezing at night for a week or so. :(

    That's pretty neat about the crowns. I'm so amazed at the speed of dental care and so many other medical things. It so much better now.

    I'm so happy for you and the kitty-cat. What did you name her? I wish so much that you could bring her home with you. That's dreadful about the dogs. But at least when the weather allows, you can go visit with her and take her snacks and be with her awhile.
    I hope you can get a photo of her sometime to share with us.

    I look forward to seeing your next hope chest item. Don't worry about it being right on time, offline life takes president over the fun-on-line life. I know how that is.

    I hope you have great week.
    Give your kitty-cat and snack for me. :)

  6. Computer viewing rare at the moment. I have 2 crowns - done several years ago. No crowns until past 70 and not your way :)
    My lilacs ready to bring in also.
    Surroundings filled with the yellow flower.
    All is well
    but a lot of cooking and almost too much busyness for this one
    older then you :)
    Will have to cover herbs planted
    tonight - in the 20's :)
    Enjoying the son's visit so much.

  7. Winter just does not want to turn loose. I hope it didn't freeze everything. We're under the gun for it tonight. I'm like you when it comes to having something like that done. I worry myself to death about it until I build up so much anxiety and stress that I can't focus on anything. I'm so glad it's over for you. I've never had a crown but I sure hate going to the dentist. You take care and have a nice Easter. Hugs, xo

  8. I'm sure those buttercup weeds will survive the freeze! :)

  9. Glad the visit to the dentist went ok. Now that the farmer got his crown put on, all you need is for me to have mine done and then we'll be partly a royal family! LOL

    Freeze got my squash plants, but the lilacs seemed to have made it ok. Hope that's the last of it! Just remind me that I said that when it's 110 degrees out this summer.

  10. Oh my gosh Charlotte maybe what I had the last time at the dentist was a panic attack instead of an allergic reaction. The same thing happened to me. I've got to go again to have a tooth pulled and I keep putting it off. At the same time, I keep meditating on the verse I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. After Easter I'm making an appointment.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind, encouraging comments.


  11. I have so many crowns in my mouth that I have lost count. Got this last one a couple of months ago, and it was done with the "goop". So cool, actually using a computer and a camera!

    I think the worst thing about the whole process for me is not being able to swallow. It does make me a little nervous when they don't use suction as much as I'd like them to.

    Or maybe the worst thing is the cost. Wowee-kazowie!

  12. I hope your lilacs came through OK. I've had a couple of crowns done too. Not fun, but I survived. I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  13. Thank you for the sweet comments on mine. Yes, I'm feeling some better today. Thank you for the prayers and I hope you have a nice Easter. Hugs, xo

  14. Hello. Hoping that now you are experiencing warm weather? Glad you got your teeth ordeal over. I can understand your anxiety. I don't think anyone likes to go to the dentist. Cats do overcome their shyness with food! LOL Have yourself a wonderful Easter!

  15. Oh, I don't blame you for your anxiety! Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  16. So glad the dentist visit went okay. I have crowns, but they used the goop. I sure hope if I have to have any more, they use the more modern way. I hate dental visits! We had to cover everything up two nights in a row last week, and still some of the things got 'bit.' I'm so looking forward to summer.