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Monday, May 26, 2014

Farm Updates

The past week was a very busy time for us here on the farm.

First, we cleaned out a house we rent out.  You never know how renters are going to take care of a place until it's too late.  These people trashed the place so badly that the farmer finally asked them to move out; since the house is on one of our properties it made the whole place look bad.  It took about six weeks for them to move, without paying rent, and they left the house filled with stuff!  Honestly, I don't know what they took with them to wear, for it seemed most was left in garbage bags or on the floor.

The little calf, Spittin' Image, has been very sick, almost to the point of death.  One afternoon I noticed his mama bawling for him and when we found him we knew he was sick.  The farmer gave him an antibiotic shot and the next morning he was so weak he could barely stand.  When he tried to walk he wobbled.  Young calves often take what we call "scours" and will soon dehydrate.  So we're always prepared to give them an oral hydration, electrolyte solution, (which is mostly a mixture of glucose, sodium chloride, and potassium), using a bottle with a long tube which is put down their throats to insure it gets to the stomach.  This takes a little skill to do; the tube shouldn't go down the windpipe!  He was given the treatment three times and responded well; yesterday I saw him run just a little and he's taking milk from his mama again, so maybe he'll be o.k.

Two days were spent getting the plumbing work done.  The drain pipes to the kitchen and laundry room were almost totally plugged after almost 46 years of use.  In the days when this house was built, l968, drain lines were cast iron and after time the insides rust and stuff starts to build up on that rust until they become plugged.  Now I can use my dishwasher again!  I did hate to see holes cut in my wallpaper though.

The last three days of the week were spent in the hay fields, baling, hauling, and wrapping; some of these days ran as late as "dark-thirty" before we were finished.

The last picture shows the damage wild hogs can do overnight in the fields.  Of course this is only one spot out of many over the field.

 So, yesterday morning, at church, when people asked, "How are you?", I replied, "I'm very, very tired."



  1. Scours are the most awful thing!!! I think you got to it in time--thank goodness. The couple of years I rented a place, I made sure it looked better when I left, than it did when I moved in. Nowadays, people have no respect for others! This is a tiring time of year and...no let up until fall harvest. But--still, farm life is the best life, IMHO!!

  2. a lot of people no longer care what it looks like when they move out - I can't believe it at times the few I have seen - sounds like you both have been very busy and a first haying season already done! very busy!

  3. Hope the little calf will be okay. I am so sorry to hear about your renters. I have always believed you leave a place as good as or better than when you arrive. I see how you can be so tired. Good luck with all the plumbing. I hope you can find a minute to yourself to stitch and rest.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about so much goings on Charlotte. It seems if it ain't one thin it's another. I hate that about the renters and hope the little calf will continue to pull out of it. My daddy use to go far and near to doctor cows and calves as he called it. Those scours are something else. I surely hope you have a better week . Hugs, xo

  5. Yes, I am sure you are tired! But thankfully you won't have to work so hard hand washing dishes :)
    That is terrible about your rent house but it seems almost the normal thing, I live in a college town and have heard very similar stories about the condition of houses when the renters move on.

    Keep us informed about Spitting Image, I am pulling for the little calf.

  6. So glad the little calf is doing better. I recently encountered a large razorback feral hog. Probably around 300 lbs. The are shoot to kill here in Missouri as they are so destructive! The neighbors hunted him, but to no avail.

  7. I'm sure you're very tired Charlotte. It is such a busy time for you. I'm glad the little calf is doing better. I hope he thrives.
    I was just thinking about you last night, wondering how things were on the farm. Good to hear from you!

  8. I am tired just reading your blog! Years ago, we moved before our house sold and we decided to rent it for a while. Oh, my goodness, that was the worst experience. It taught me a lot, though. I'm glad the calf is better!

  9. Well I can understand how tired you are! My goodness. Hope the little calf gets better each day! Good that you got the pipes fixed. I would never want to rent a place to anyone because it seems no one cares to take care of any thing. Get some rest!

  10. You have a lot on your plate......no wonder you are tired. Get some well deserved rest!

  11. Wow, Charlotte, you have had a very busy time of it lately. I hope things get back on an even keel for you soon. I'd be tired too with all of that going on.

  12. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading how much you all have accomplished here lately.
    I think you all need a vacation... well after you're sure Spittin' Image is healthy and finally okay.
    I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers to Spittin' Image. I hope he stays well. Thank goodness you & your hubby are taking such special care of him.
    Great photos. Love the calf feeding. It reminds of when I was a child and we fed the calves on buckets. :)

    Renters are a sore subject with me. Once upon a time we had a house to rent out. We rented it out twice: both times went badly.
    I feel for you and wish you better luck with your next set of renters.

  13. I relate to
    to your last words.
    Take care, go a little slower if you can and rest when you can...

  14. I'm so sorry your renters were such selfish people to leave you with all of that. It's unconscionable. I have a coworker who raises cows. About a month ago one of her calves had to be hospitalized with scours. I hope your little guy recovers well. And I hope you're recovering too. It's sounds like you've been very busy. Farm life is not for wusses! :)

  15. I hope things have slowed down some for you and you're getting some rest. Hugs, xo