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Monday, May 5, 2014

Now Is the Time

You may remember last fall I posted a portion of a read-aloud story, Now Is the Time, written by Alvin Tresselt, which described the sights and sounds of the fall season.  This is the part about spring:

Slowly the days grow longer.
Slowly the air turns warm once more.
Early in the morning there's a twitter of birds in parks and backyards, and a gentle softness spreads over the city.  At last it's time.
"Time to open the windows wide," say the mothers.
They open the windows and a young breeze bellies out the curtains.
...Crimson geraniums, bright as fresh paint, and baskets of pansies with squinchy velvet faces.
"Time to oil the wheels and polish my cart," says the ice cream man.
..."Time for outdoors," say the children.
Take off coats and hats, and run!
Hop scotch and marbles, jacks and kick-the-can, jump rope and ball time, and roller skates on the sidewalk...now play with a kite on the end of a string!
...And everywhere in the city is the fresh touch of a new spring. 

To add my own thought:  "now it is time" to replace the cozy flannel sheets with cool, smooth percale sheets.

Have a wonderful spring day!


  1. certainly time to get rid of the flannel sheets - it sure got warm the last two days.

  2. We had snow last night; I think I will hold on to my flannel sheets another week. Your flower garden is so pretty. Love the picture of your quilts hanging on the line.

  3. YES!! Time to air out the quilts and pillows. Not quite time to open the windows and front door to catch the breezes, as it is still in the '50's here in Michigan, but soon...I pray...soon.

  4. Oh my, so many brillant colors - love your new header and the beautiful quilts blowing in the wind! The flannels and the wool blankets are gone from our beds, too.

  5. I love your header and the poem posted. It's great to see this time of year again and time to get rid of the flannel sheet. I'm glad it's spring at last.
    Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day.

  6. Love this poem
    and the quilts hanging outside
    and blowing in the breeze.
    90 on deck yesterday and today.
    It is very warm here by the woods and happened so quickly :)

  7. Hi! I don't like the feel of flannel sheets but glad for the nicer weather! Nancy

  8. Beautiful thoughts for this beautiful time of year full of changes. :)

  9. I just love spring. Not enjoying this particular one as much as usual though.

  10. And, I am so glad that it is time. We had to switch to cool on the heat pump today. Love your quilts a hanging!

  11. Awe yes, and I love this time of year. I love the header on your blog and I noticed you're doing the same as me. Airing out the bed pillows and such. You can't beat the smell of fresh bed linens. I hope you have a very nice Mother's Day. Hugs, xo

  12. What a lovely post, Charlotte! This is my favorite time of year. I'm so glad it has finally arrived. I love the photo of the quilts on the line. :)

  13. How pretty..........I just love your clothes line!! Love your version.......yes it's that time!

  14. Just love this and your photo! Have a beautiful Mothers Day!

  15. I love this time of year. I'm so glad spring has finally arrived.