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Monday, December 8, 2014

With all that's going on in the news these days, I thought this was just the thing to start your day with a chuckle: 

This was taken from The BACK FORTY Calendar, 2015, by Lex Graham, and distributed by a local propane company.

Have a good day!


  1. That kinda sums it up, doesn't it. BTW, I love your header picture of the owl in the tree. We've been hearing one hooting at night. The cat's afraid to go out after dark, not that I blame her.

    1. Oh! So it is. Eye surgery recently, you know....

  2. Ilene is right on. It's something new every.single.day.
    Frightening actually.
    Thanks for the cartoon! :)

  3. So sad; but true. The TV and Newspapers just give out reason for worry. Hope all is well in your part of the world!

  4. funny cartoon- and it does sum up some days here.

    I like your American Bald Eagle photo- just incredible! is he sitting in one of your trees?

  5. It seems I have worries enough of my own without concerning myself with what I can do nothing about. Mother told me once that sewing kept her from worrying so much about other things...and it does help, but sometimes I even worry about sewing! Love your new header. I think those eyes are on you!

  6. Yup! No sense worrying about stuff I can't control! (But I do),

  7. Ha! That could be my husband asking me the same. I see that glazed look in his eyes when he hears me say "Did you hear about..." before I start in about some issue or another.

  8. Ha! This is so true. Lots of days I just ignore the news altogether because I don't need anything new to worry about! Wonderful photo of the eagle--wow!