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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Flying Geese Quilt Top

I believe this year is following in the footsteps of last year, for here it is the middle of January already!  How can we slow it down?  And how we wish for some days with sunshine after a month of dreary, damp weather.  Do we never stop complaining about the weather?

I feel like I've made good use of my time so far; remember the flying geese blocks I was piecing, hoping to use up some scraps?  The top is finished ~

and as soon as I feel like working with a big lining fabric I'll put it on the frames to quilt, after I've checked to make sure all the papers are removed; sure don't want any surprises when I'm quilting! It turned out to be a BIG top.  During really cold days my sewing room is too cool to work in comfortably, so I have other projects to work on (another post :)  Remember those triangles left over from these blocks that I just couldn't throw away?  Here they are, paired up with white triangles, trimmed to size and boxed up, waiting for another time.

Waste not, want not~


  1. The quilt top is beautiful, Charlotte! You did a wonderful job with it. I'm sure you will put the remaining triangles to good use too. :-)

  2. Beautiful quilt top, the flying geese is very colorful. It will be gorgeous quilted. I don't fabric either!

  3. I sincerely hope your geese are flying north. Guess it is too soon to be wishing for that though. Of course, our year-round resident geese really don't know in what direction to fly.

    The quilt is beautiful, as would be expected...amazing how things with such humble beginnings can turn out so well.

  4. that is a nice big quilt - don't you just love flying geese! from what I hear from other bloggers in other countries for some reason Americans complain about the weather all the time while people in other countries do not talk about it so much - I wonder why that is - do we have a wider variety of weather perhaps? not sure but I'm with you, each fall I yearn for the days of wearing a sweatshirt and heavy socks, tired of hot weather and then when the cold gets here I am ready for spring :) never happy with the weather!

  5. Really pretty quilt! I haven't tackled a very large quilt yet, but what a beautiful, colorful, and....using up scraps, one to do. Sometimes scrap quilts are my favorite! I'm kinda strange, in that I like winter. Its a down, stay at home time, get caught up on stuff, revitalize and make plans for the rest of the year. It is tough when the sun doesn't shine, though! Can't wait to see what you do with the triangles...

  6. As always
    are your quilts
    and all of your hand work.
    I have missed you
    take care...

  7. Great picture of the quilt top on the clothes line. I love it. Nice to use up those left over pieces too. So hard to ever discard any fabric. Love how I see you have pieced the border around the quilt top too!

  8. The quilt is very pretty! I just finished a lap quilt. Upset with myself because I goofed on the borders and it is smaller than what it is suppose to be. A picture is on my blog posted today. Nancy .http://cozythymecottage.blogspot.com/

  9. You're so gifted. You have a great eye for putting the colors of blocks in order. And your quilts are awesome!
    I like what you did with the scraps. I'm a scrap hoarder too. I never know if I'll need them for a craft or quilt or doll clothes or something.
    I bet your little squares will be put to good use in a pretty quilt sometime. :)

  10. It's a beautiful top...so bright and cheerful ! :)

  11. It's a beautiful top...so bright and cheerful ! :)